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Obamacare Sales Tax on Health Insurance Plans Could Be Deadly, Small Business Owners Say

December 6, 2018

A New Hampshire restaurant company’s owner says a scheduled new sales tax on health insurance plans could cost his company $100,000 more than he’s paying now, according to The Union Leader.

That’s on top of a 22 percent increase in health insurance premiums he experienced last year.

The founder of an ambulatory surgical center in the town of Bedford, New Hampshire told The Union Leader:  “This type of tax is egregious, especially for small businesses.”

Business owners are calling on Congress to delay the tax soon, which is scheduled to take effect in 2020, because if they don’t then health insurance companies will factor in the tax for health insurance plan renewals in 2019.

Both of New Hampshire’s U.S. senators and one of its two U.S. representatives are quoted in the story expressing concern about the Health Insurance Tax, but none of them say what should be done about it. All of New Hampshire’s members of Congress are Democrats.



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