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Out-of-State Drivers Owe Massachusetts $15 Million in Tolls — And There’s Nothing the State Can Do About It

Out-of-state drivers who don’t live in New Hampshire or Maine don’t have any consequences for not paying pay-by-mail tolls in Massachusetts for the Massachusetts Turnpike, Ted Williams Tunnel, and Tobin Bridge — which may explain why some aren’t.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation reports some $15 million in uncollected tolls from out-of-state drivers since the state removed toll booths in 2016.

Massachusetts has reciprocity agreements with New Hampshire and Maine forcing residents of those states to pay Massachusetts tolls or risk not being able to renew their driver’s license and registration, according to But the state has no similar agreements with other states, including bordering states Connecticut, New York, and Vermont.

The state’s transportation department has spent about $800,000 mailing bills to out-of-state drivers who haven’t paid the $15 million in tolls, a state spokesman tells



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