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Paranormal Investigator Dies At 92

April 20, 2019

Lorraine Warren, who along with her late husband Ed investigated paranormal events in Massachusetts and New York, died Thursday, April 18, according to the New England Society for Paranormal Research. She was 92.

Warren and her husband investigated murders that led to The Amityville Horror movies and The Conjuring series, according to

In cases where a demon appeared to possess a person, Warren said it was frightening.

“Our job is to go in, evaluate what’s going on, document it, and then turn it over to church authorities,” Lorraine Warren told the Springfield Republican in 1995, according to, the newspaper’s web site. “We’ve been scared many times. You have to have faith in your work, and you have to have a great deal of faith in God because that’s your only protection against the forces you’re coming up against.”

The couple lived in Monroe, Connecticut.

They didn’t charge for their work, but instead made a living through lectures, according to



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