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Pro-Lifers To Rally on Boston Common Against ‘ROE Act’ Abortion Bill Saturday

March 26, 2019

Massachusetts Citizens for Life is planning a rally this coming weekend against a bill that would remove most remaining restrictions on abortion in Massachusetts.

The so-called ROE Act would make it easier to get abortions after 24 weeks and would remove a requirement that underage girls get permission from their parents or from a judge to get an abortion.

The bill would also remove a requirement currently in state law doctors try to save the life of a baby born alive after an attempted abortion. In addition, abortions performed after 24 weeks would no longer have to take place in a hospital.

It would also expand public funding of abortion beyond women poor enough to qualify for Medicaid.

“We don’t need abortion-celebration shoved down our throats or written into our laws,” Massachusetts Citizens for Life said in a written statement. “The R.O.E. Act puts infanticide on our books, and abandons ‘safe, legal, and rare’ regulations to make aborting viable babies at 8 and 9 months an act sponsored by our tax money & performable in non-hospital facilities. We’re now at extra-unsafe for the women; deadly always to the child.”

The rally is scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday, March 30 on Boston Common at the corner of Park Street and Beacon Street near the Massachusetts State House. A nearby street address is 24 Beacon Street, which is the address of the State House.



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