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Pro-Trump Pizzeria Co-Owner Encounters Anti-Trump Boycott – And A Call for An End To Division

August 23, 2019

An anti-Trump Connecticut woman is organizing a boycott of the state’s most famous pizzeria because a co-owner has been photographed holding a “Deplorables for Trump” sign.

Gary Bimonte, co-owner of Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, a well-known pizzeria in New Haven’s Little Italy, also posted online a comment in 2018 thanking President Donald Trump for his policies on American-made steel, according to the New Haven Register.

Frank Pepe, known for its coal-fired thin-crust pizza, was founded in 1925 in New Haven by an Italian immigrant. The company now has seven locations in Connecticut, one in New York, one in Rhode Island, and two in Massachusetts – at the Chestnut Hill Mall off Route 9 in Newton and at the Burlington Mall in Burlington.

The ringleader of the boycott says she ““personally will not be purchasing goods and services from establishments that are owned by people or companies that promote the worst of Trump’s agenda and/or extremist second amendment views,” according to a Facebook post quoted by the New Haven Register.

But another Connecticut liberal said he doesn’t see the need to boycott a business just because he disagrees with the owner’s political beliefs.

“From what I could ascertain, it seems like he’s someone on the other side of the argument that’s peaceably demonstrating his views. To my eye, there’s a difference between the business and the man,” the man said, according to the New Haven Register.



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