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Public Housing Residents Ought To Be Able To Have Deadbolts and Guns Like Everybody Else, Ben Carson Says

November 12, 2019

Public housing residents should be able to have deadbolts on their doors and guns in their apartments even though local housing officials disagree, said Ben Carson, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Carson made the comments in the wake of two high-profile homicides in multi-story public housing apartment buildings in New Hampshire, according to The Union Leader.

Housing authorities in Manchester, New Hampshire and Concord, New Hampshire do not allow deadbolts or firearms in apartments they administer, according to The Union Leader.

Some observers think a deadbolt might have helped a woman fend off an ex-boyfriend who broke into her public housing apartment in Manchester this past July and beat her to death.

As for firearms:

“The Second Amendment applies to all Americans,” Carson said, according to The Union Leader.



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