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Renewable Electricity Sources By 2030, New Hampshire Climate Change Activists Say

November 29, 2018

Climate change activists want the city of Keene, New Hampshire to use only renewable sources of electricity like wind, sun, and water instead of fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, and coal by 2030 – and only renewable sources of heat and fuel by 2050.

The lone member of a city council committee to vote against a related measure said he supports the goal but is appalled by the cost.

“I have to balance, as a city councilor, between the taxpayer, who is going to incur the costs that are borne by the city,” councilor Robert B. Sutherland said, according to the Keene Sentinel. “We are — we also have a fiscal responsibility, and we have fiscal limitations.”

But a high school senior who is a climate change activist sees nothing but blue skies ahead for Keene’s version of the new Green New Deal.

“It would just be a shame — it would be a shame to see the city pass up on this opportunity to join the international community,” said Conor T. Hill said, according to the Keene Sentinel. “Because as everybody in this room knows, this is the future, and this is important to people in my age group. This will attract people to the city. This is going to energize people in my age group, and it is going to energize everyone — sustainably energizes everyone.”

The city council committee voted 4-1 on Wednesday night to send the citizen petition to city staff for formal drafting. It will likely go to the full city council.



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