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Rhode Island Candidate for Mayor Running on ‘Bagel & Cream Cheese’ Ticket

February 19, 2020

A 27-year-old semi-employed actor is running for mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island on what he calls the Bagel & Cream Cheese Party – to bring both sides together.

Carbone, who grew up in Cranston and is currently living with his mother between gigs, says if he’s elected he’ll wear a suit with birds on it and a cowboy hat, and that his platform includes extending half-price-for-appetizers hours at Applebee’s and bringing the singer Adele to a gazebo in the city, according to The Providence Journal.

He also has more conventional proposals, like reducing property taxes, replacing the carpeting in the city’s public library for less than the estimated $262,000, and empowering teachers to teach beyond constricting curriculums.

Cranston, at about 81,000 people, is the second largest city in Rhode Island. It borders on Providence, to the southwest.

Carbone said he plans to campaign from May through the election in November.



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