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Rich-Town Teen-Agers Let Sports Columnist Who Called Out Bad Behavior Know His Place

Jeff Jacobs wrote a column in The Hartford Courant this past December arguing that the Darien High School football team didn’t deserve to win the state championship because a group of players went to rival New Canaan looking for trouble and beat on some kids there. There of the Darien players were arrested.

The email messages he got from Darien students (“Baboon”; “Clown”; “Empty head”; “Know your place”) got his attention.

Darien is the third richest town in Connecticut in per-capita income.

Jacobs describes some the back-and-forth in a column in The Connecticut Post of Bridgeport.

He argues it’s important that young people have a voice.  But also:

“So how do you promote healthy interchange? Yet stop from exposing them as abusive in public? And how does this all reflect on a school and a community?”




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