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Ruining A Good Thing? State Union Members Questioning Leadership’s Exposing Bulk Liquor Sales in New Hampshire

The president of the union that represents state-owned liquor stores in New Hampshire has helped expose bulk sales to out-of-state purchasers trying to avoid high excise taxes in their own state, and some rank-and-file members think that’s a bad idea.

One liquor store manager is circulating a petition asking members to demand a meeting with the union president to discuss the matter. He doesn’t like the spotlight the union president has brought on sensitive transactions.

“Because of those actions, the public (including those who may target our stores) can now see video footage of our stores,” Ron Bilodeau wrote in an email message, according to The Union Leader. “The union has even divulged sensitive information regarding store deposits being made across the state. I feel [New Hampshire State Liquor Commission] employees have been put at greater risk now because of these actions.”

The union president and a member of the state liquor commission have said they are trying to expose common practices that violate state policy and federal law.

Some purchases on behalf of New York City restaurants run tens of thousands of dollars and are broken up into payments of less than $10,000 so that the Internal Revenue Service won’t be notified.



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