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School Board Member: Walking Out of School ‘Will Not Solve Anything’

Some school board members in Manchester, New Hampshire are expressing disappointment with a letter the superintendent sent to parents that they say seems to condone the school walkout planned for Wednesday morning to protest lack of gun control.

Jimmy Lehoux, a member of the school board, posted an open letter on his Facebook page encouraging students not to participate in the walkout.

Here’s an excerpt:

“It is with this thought that I challenged my kids (and I urge you to do the same) on whatever day the walkout is planned to resist the feeling of being with the ‘in’ crowd. The way to really effect change is by one heart and one mind at a time. I urged them to complete 17 acts of kindness (one for each person that perished in Parkland). I also asked them to step out of their comfort zone and eat lunch with someone different or introduce themselves to a different group of friends. 

“Walking out of school will not solve anything or create real change that is needed. That real change starts with one’s own heart. One that tells someone ‘you belong.’ One that says ‘you are not alone.’ One that says ‘things will get better’ and yes, ‘I am here with you.’

“The real change starts IN our school, not outside of the schools.”



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