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Sharks Make Cape Cod Too Dangerous for Surfing During Summer, Official Says

February 7, 2019

Cape Cod has become so dangerous because of sharks that surfers should avoid it from late July to early fall, a local official said during a forum to discuss shark safety.

An expert from far away is impressed with the scope of the Cape’s problem, which is caused by great white sharks coming to the Cape to eat some of the tens of thousands of seals.

“From what I’ve seen here this week, it’s the worst of anywhere in the world,” said Craig Anderson, an entrepreneur from Western Australia, which has seen many shark attacks, according to the Cape Cod Times. “The number of sharks, their proximity to the shore is incredible. It’s not a matter of if there is going to be another fatality here, it’s just when.”

Another Australian, surfer Ian Cairns, told the Cape Cod Times that seals and sharks may be getting disproportionate attention from scientists and conservationists over human beings.

A man was seriously injured by a great white shark in Truro on the Outer Cape this past August 15. Another man was killed by a great white in Wellfleet, a little to the south, on September 15.

A regional group discussing what to do about sharks that consists of town administrators and Cape Cod National Seashore officials is holding meetings that aren’t open to the public, according to the Cape Cod Times.

One possible method to increase safety is to implement a sonar detection system called Clever Buoy.



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