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Trump Dominates New Hampshire GOP Primary Poll

February 5, 2020

A New Hampshire Republican primary poll put out by Franklin Pierce earlier this week reveals that President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead.

Although the Republican primaries are not receiving as much attention from the national media as the Democratic primaries, Trump is being challenged by former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld and former U.S. Representative Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) in his own party.

However, the polls show them both trailing mightily against Trump. The Franklin Pierce poll found that 71.5 percent of likely Republican primary voters plan to vote for Trump on Tuesday, February 11.

It’s a commanding lead over both Weld (6.8 percent) and Walsh (3.4 percent). In fact, the number of undecided voters (9.6 percent) is higher than the number who support either of Trump’s primary challengers.

If it is any indication, it shows Trump’s primary challengers are not giving him much of a challenge. Trump took 97 percent of the vote in the Iowa Caucuses on Monday, February 3.



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