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Uncivil in a Civic — The Wages of Trump Derangement Syndrome

August 1, 2018

A 25-year-old woman who police say became unhinged at the sight of a Trump bumper sticker in Hyannis has pleaded not guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon.

The victim, a man, told Barnstable police on June 30 that he was driving when a gray Honda Civic began following him while the driver was honking the horn.

Thinking something was wrong with his car, the man stopped, which allowed the woman to pull up alongside him and ask if he voted for Trump. When he said yes, “She called me a racist and several other names,” the man told police, according to The Cape Cod Times.

When the man went to get back into his car, the woman drove her car at the open door, ramming it and almost hitting the man, the man told police.

He caught some of the incident on video, according to police.

The woman then drove off. Police in Bourne arrested the woman on an open warrant Monday, July 30 after a random check of her license plate.



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