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United Cape Patriots Add Support for Police To ‘Re-Open the Cape’ Rally

May 31, 2020

United Cape Patriots sponsored a standout to Re-Open the Cape and support President Donald Trump on Sunday, organizers said.

Adam Lange, the organizer of the United Cape Patriots event, said about 50 people participated.

It was the seventh consecutive weekend the group gathered to stump for re-opening commercial and public life on Cape Cod, which is still affected by coronavirus emergency restrictions.

Rally-goers also expressed support for police.

Across the country there have been protests in recent days — including riots with looting — in the aftermath of the death of a black man in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday, May 25, after a white officer held his knee on the man’s neck for more than 8 minutes after the man had been arrested and handcuffed.

Protesters have claimed that cops are racist and often brutalize black men. Police have widely condemned what the Minneapolis officer did but have said that it doesn’t represent how police normally act.

At the Bourne Rotary on Sunday, May 31, rally participants displayed thin-blue-line flags representing police, Lange said.

“Cape Cod is MAGA Country. We had over 54,000 Trump votes here, and we fiercely support our law enforcement. We have zero tolerance for thugs that come to our community to riot and loot. Zero,” Lange said in a written statement.

United Cape Patriots held a rally to Re-Open the Cape at the Bourne Rotary on Sunday, May 31, 2020. It was the seventh weekend in a row that the group held a standout, including five at the Bourne Rotary. Participants also expressed support for President Donald Trump and for police. Courtesy photos.