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Vermont City Makes ATVs Legal on Downtown Streets

January 16, 2020

A city in Vermont voted to allow all-terrain vehicles to be used on downtown streets for a trial period. 

On Tuesday, citizens of Newport, Vermont voted 414-294 to let it happen, according to the Associated Press. That’s a majority of 58 to 42 percent.

Starting later this year, ATVs will be able to access the city’s streets from May to October. If it has a positive impact, city could extend the period.

In the fall, the City Council voted 3-1 in favor of a similar measure. However, a petition forced a citywide vote.

The city’s mayor, Paul Monette, said he agrees with the majority of  voters of his city. He told the Associated Press he was “pleased” they voted in favor of the proposal. He also warned that the trial period “can be stopped at any time” if it is not going well. 

Monette says he thinks allowing all-terrain vehicles downtown will help the local economy.

According to a previous Associated Press story, those who oppose making ATVs street-legal argue that it would be too loud and dangerous.



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