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Vermont Sees No Increase In Reported Coronavirus Cases — For One Day

April 29, 2020

On Wednesday, April 29, Vermont publicized its total number of confirmed coronavirus cases, as it does every day.

This time however, was different, as VTDigger reports.

The state said it had 862 confirmed coronavirus cases — which means the number did not increase from the day before. This marked the first time since March 13 when the state had a day without an increase in coronavirus cases.

The state’s governor, Phil Scott, a Republican, said it is “great news,” according to VTDigger. However, he added, “One day doesn’t create a trend, and we have to look at the trend lines to see where we’re going.”

The numbers might not be giving a full picture of the number of coronavirus cases in the state, though. Medical staff  have tested 244 people for every 10,000 who live in the state — far less than neighboring states like New York (434 per 10,000 people), and Massachusetts (366 per 10,000 people).



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