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Abortion: Anti-Black, Anti-Girl, Anti-Disabled

Purveyors of abortion are disproportionately targeting babies who are African-American, African, females, and disabled — and yet few people speak about it.

Father Roger Landry points out the numbers:  Black women in America are five times more likely to have an abortion than white women; much of Western nations’ aid to Africa is going toward population control; tens of millions of girls have gone missing because of sex-selection abortions; and Down Syndrome is being eradicated in some places by eradicating babies who have Down Syndrome.

So why the relative silence about it?

Most people who support legal abortion but oppose discrimination on the basis of race, sex, or disability are uneasy about using abortion to target members of such groups, Landry writes in The Pilot. But there’s a catch:

“They recognize, however, that if they were to say or insist that abortion shouldn’t be used against certain categories of people, then logically they would have to answer the question why should it be permitted against anyone. If it’s against the human dignity of some, isn’t it against the human dignity of everyone?”



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