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Antifa Gang Threatens Fox News’ Tucker Carlson At Home In “Suspected Hate Crime”

November 8, 2018

According to various news outlets, including the online journal he co-founded, The Daily Caller, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson‘s Washington, DC home was targeted Wednesday night by so-called “anti-fascist” activists. Fox News reports that the conservative pundit was not home at the time (he was at Fox’ studios) but his wife was. (His four children were not, according to Fox News.)

Police were called to Carlson’s home but no arrests have been made.

The Daily Caller adds the DC police are investigating the incident as a “suspected hate crime.”

The Washington Post writes:

“According to now-deleted social media posts shared by Smash Racism D.C., a local anti-fascist [aka “Antifa“- ed.] organization whose members have been tied to other demonstrations against prominent Republican figures, activists showed up outside Carlson’s home Wednesday and they had a message for him.

“Tucker Carlson, we are outside your home,” one person could be heard saying in the since-deleted video. The person, using a bullhorn, accused Carlson of “promoting hate” and “an ideology that has led to thousands of people dying.”

“We want you to know, we know where you sleep at night,” the person concluded, before leading the group to chant, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!”

The Washington Post also reports Carlson’s front door was “cracked” during the protest, and The Daily Caller says an anarchist symbol was spray painted on Carlson’s driveway. Tweets calling Carlson a “racist scumbag” posted by Smash Racism DC were deleted, and its Twitter account has been suspended, according to The Daily Caller.

Both The Washington Post and The Daily Caller report that the group also publicized Carlson’s home address on social media in an act called “doxxing.” Carlson hosts “Tucker Carlson Tonight“, which airs weeknights at 8PM on Fox News.

(This entry has been updated to correct earlier reports stating that Mr. Carlson’s children were home at the time of the incident. They were not.)








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