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At His Foundation Summit, Obama Suggests Someone Has “Mommy Issues”

November 20, 2018

Former President Barack Obama, speaking at his Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago Monday night,  said progressives were not succeeding in America because “we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.”

Though the ex-president did not make clear to whom he was referring when he said “we,” several news outlets (see here, here or here, for examples) have spun their story headlines to suggest he was referring to President Donald Trump.

NBC News reports that Obama’s audience “laughed” when he said “mommy issues,” which, NBC further reported, were issues “limiting the country’s ability to make progress on everything from education to climate change.”

NBC also reports Obama said the world “badly needs remaking” and that people “literally can remake the world right now.”

The non-profit Obama Foundation was created in 2014. Obama’s remarks were made at the foundation’s second annual summit, held November 18-19.



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