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Bishops Must Boot New York Governor Andrew Cuomo From Catholic Church for New All-Nine-Months Abortion Law, D.C. Pastor Says

January 24, 2019

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo should be denied communion and possibly excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church for signing into a law a bill that allows abortion up to the point of birth, a Washington D.C. pastor says.

“It is time to end the charade, even the lie, that Andrew Cuomo and others like him are Catholics in good standing. They are not, and this must be made plain to them and to others,” writes Monsignor Charles Pope in the National Catholic Register.

Pope acknowledges that the Catholic Church is in diminished standing in the United States because of the continuing clergy sex abuse scandal.

“Some will argue that the Church is in no moral condition to issue statements, let alone penalties. But that cannot stop us from doing what is right and necessary,” the priest writes. “Even a compromised judge still has the obligation to apply the law. Even an imperfect parent must still insist on what is right with his children and apply necessary punishments.”



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