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CNN Fails To Report Attack On GOP Candidate — Five Days Ago

September 14, 2018

According to the Daily Caller, CNN has yet to issue a single report about the accosting and attempted stabbing of a California Republican congressional candidate five days ago. As of Friday morning, a search of the CNN web site produced no mention of the incident. 
The Sunday, September 9 attack on California’s 15th Congressional District GOP candidate Rudy Peters occurred while Peters was working an election booth at the Castro Valley Fall Festival in Castro Valley, California.
According to Alameda County authorities, Farzed Vincent Fazeli, 35, has been charged with a felony count of criminal threatening and misdemeanor counts of showing a deadly weapon and possession of a switchblade knife.
The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Fazeli allegedly began shouting profanities at Peters, including abusive language about President Donald Trump, before rushing the booth. After an ensuing scuffle with Peters, it is alleged Fazeli pulled a switchblade knife out of his pocket and shouted, “I am going to kill you, motherf—–!” The switchblade failed to open, police said.
The Chronicle also reports that a sheriff’s deputy stated in a court affidavit that the switchblade was pink. It is also reported that Peters grabbed a “sign from a nearby cupcake stand” to use as a defensive shield. 
No serious injuries were reported.
In a tweet, Peters’s Democratic opponent, incumbent U.S. Representative Eric Swallwell, denounced the use of violence in solving political disagreements and expressed gratitude Peters was not harmed in the incident.
The attack against Peters is particularly newsworthy in the light of GOP US House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s recent comments urging Democrats to tone down their rhetoric for fear of inciting violence. Scalise was critically wounded during a mass shooting in July 2017 during a GOP baseball team practice. 
The Daily Caller reports that CNN has not responded to its request for a comment about failing to report the violent attack.



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