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Conservative Speaker Says “Men Are Not Women,” Is Attacked, Sprayed With Chemical

April 12, 2019

Conservative political commentator Michael Knowles was attacked by a masked person at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Thursday night. The assailant used a squirt gun to spray Knowles with a bleach-like chemical.

According to CBN News (CBN), the assailant was tackled and tasered by UMKC police, and subsequently arrested. 

KSHB News41 reports police arrested Gerard G. Dabu, 23, and charged him with assault, destruction of property, and disturbing a lawful assembly.  It is not known if Dabu is a student at the university.

Knowles was the guest speaker at “A Night With Michael Knowles,” an event sponsored by the Young Americans for Freedom, a student group at UMKC, CBN reports.

The title of Knowles’ speech was “Men Are Not Women.”

CBN reports that after the incident, Knowles wrote on Twitter that a “student tried to squirt bleach on me during my speech tonight. Lucky for me he was a left-winger who couldn’t even shoot a water gun!”

CBN also reports that the UMKC administration issued this statement: “While we have a responsibility to allow free speech on our campus, we cannot condone physical disruptions of peaceful campus activities. We believe that free speech can be exercised in a constructive way that doesn’t put people at risk.”

Knowles later used his Twitter account to announce he had been told the substance sprayed on him was not bleach, but “an odorous substance merely designed to smell like bleach.”

KCTV News 5 reports that Missouri Gov. Mike Parsons called the protester’s actions “unacceptable” and “should not be tolerated.”

Knowles is a Fox News contributor and hosts The Michael Knowles Show at The Daily Wire.



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