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SNL’s Trump Impersonator Alec Baldwin Takes Plea Deal, Will Attend Anger Management Class

January 25, 2019

At a Manhattan court hearing this week, Alec Baldwin, 60, noted comedic actor and Saturday Night Live Trump impersonator, has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of harassment stemming from a Nov. 2, 2018 parking spot incident and will attend a one-day anger management class as punishment. He had also faced a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly punching or slapping a man when he and Baldwin argued over a Manhattan parking spot, one that Baldwin believed the man “stole” from him, but that misdemeanor assault charge was dropped in the plea deal.

Baldwin will return to court in March to prove he has successfully completed the anger management program, according to the The New York Times.

The Times also notes that Baldwin “has had a history of losing his temper,” citing a a 2013 incident in which he called a paparazzo a homosexual slur, and a 2014 incident when he was arrested for disorderly conduct when New York City police stopped him for bicycling the wrong way down a one-way street.

Baldwin also paid a $120 fine for harassment violation.

The November 2 incident began as Baldwin attempted to back into a parking spot outside his East Side apartment building when  Wojciech Cieszkowski allegedly pulled his car in behind Baldwin’s and claimed the spot for himself. An argument ensued, with the two allegedly getting into a shoving match.