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Washington Post Publishes Sane Column on Brett Kavanaugh Assault Accusation

September 20, 2018

Washington Post columnist Meg McArdle points out that the recent public statements of Democrats and one of the lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford are creating the impression that Ford’s accusation against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has more to do with delaying the process than seeking the truth.

“For her own sake, and the sake of the country, Ford cannot afford to be seen as helping the Democrats, which might suggest a motive other than the pursuit of justice,” McArdle writes. “And given that Democrats almost certainly created this mess by leaking Ford’s letter at the last possible minute, they are in no position to allay those suspicions, or to complain that the process is being rushed.”

McArdle calls for an “expeditious[]” investigation by Senate Judiciary Committee investigators that includes attempts to interview the few witnesses Ford says were at a summertime party around 1982 when she says Kavanaugh assaulted her in an upstairs bedroom.

“If Ford balks at cooperating with the committee to set a definite timetable to testify in the next few weeks, Republicans would be justified in holding the hearing without her, and then voting to confirm Kavanaugh,” McArdle writes.



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