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Professor bans students from saying ‘illegal immigrant’ in exam

Salem State University hides artwork behind curtain to protect students’ feelings

Fake news: Media pushes bogus survey as proof Trump causes bullying

The majority of post-Trump ‘hate incidents’ happened in states Hillary won

Hampshire College stops flying U.S. flag after flag-burning incident

UNH asks students to protest Trump

Students at Brown and other colleges desecrate flag to protest Trump

Babson students demand expulsion for classmates celebrating Trump victory

Clinton camp claims media was pro-Trump, blames them for ‘devastating’ loss

Yale professor makes test optional so students can cope with Trump win

Harvard men’s soccer season canceled for rating women’s attractiveness

Hillary campaign told DNC to hold sham meetings, make primary look less rigged

Clinton proposes spending $500 million to fight school bullying

Rolling Stone Trial: UVA Jackie Invented Rumor Her Friend Had Syphilis

Second O’Keefe video shows Dem operative boasting about voter fraud — video

NAACP set to denounce charter schools, despite support among black parents

Emails: Boston Globe coordinated how to maximize Hillary’s ‘presence’

Harvard seeks police investigation over pro-Trump email

Free speech advocates team up to defend arrested anti-BLM protester

FLASHBACK: Hillary voted for border fence

Brown University railroaded student accused of rape, judge rules

UC-Berkeley menaced by anti-Semitic posters

Rolling Stone gang-rape libel suit headed to trial

Trump to colleges: Cut costs, or lose taxpayer cash

Yale recasts play after outrage over casting white woman in black male role

Thousands sign Cornell petition demanding free tampons for women and men

Lawmaker: Let students stop paying student loans if they claim sexual harassment

College prof: Sexual assault offends too many students to teach about it

Harvard profs denounce school’s return to ‘Puritan’ worldview

NCAA yanks all championships from North Carolina over bathroom law

Oklahoma U. now has a 24/7 bias hotline you can call for hurt feelings

Brown University cops won’t report race of wanted suspects

Fired Mizzou professor Melissa Click joins Gonzaga faculty

Mexican Prez tweets: We’re not paying for Trump’s wall

Mizzou renames ‘unisex’ restrooms because term isn’t inclusive enough

Hillary blames Trump for school bullying in alt-right speech

Conn. university president: Academics have duty to express anti-Trump bias

UChicago dean warns students: If you want safe spaces, stay away

Princeton tells staff to avoid the word ‘man’ at all costs

Trump: ‘I regret’ some of my remarks on the campaign trail

Harvard: Women’s clubs can stay, men’s clubs must go

Milwaukee cop is a rapper who said he wanted to ‘start a riot like Baltimore’ — video

Christian college sues Obama admin over sex assault rules

Florida prof penalizes students for using the term ‘melting pot’

Historian group will reject panels that are all white men

Boston paying $8 million for 100 teachers without classrooms

Harvard Republicans use fake quote to trash Trump

‘All Lives Matter’ gets Texas student suspended, sent to diversity workshop

The ACT can’t decide whether it likes Common Core or not

Judge Trump accused of bias gives him small win in Trump U case

Yale forms special committee for renaming offensive things

Dems avoid Common Core as new ‘third rail’

GOP platform: Dump Common Core, pass school choice

Yale rehires employee who smashed window for being racist

GOP platform: Campus rape is for police, not professors

Yale employee smashes historic stained glass window because ‘it’s 2016′

Student op-ed: The word ‘step’ is insulting to those who can’t walk

Columbia’s ‘Mattress Girl’ wins NOW ‘Woman Of Courage’ award

George Will quits being Republican over Trump’s judge comments

Lawsuit accuses Obama of destroying due process on U.S. campuses

Harvard Law grad with ‘cognitive impairments’ sues after failing bar exam twice

Bailing on Common Core tests is costing states millions

Yale professors who stood up for free speech step down

U-Wisconsin’s diversity program is expensive, failing, and here to stay

Asian groups target Ivy League for racial discrimination

Romney folds: Gives up on pursuit of Trump alternative

Vermont college once run by Sanders’ wife to close

Dartmouth students defend tearing down police display

Dartmouth Black Lives Matter protesters tear down memorial to slain police

Obama decrees all public schools must allow transgender bathroom use

Obama admin: Colleges shouldn’t ask applicants about criminal records

Oregon tells schools to let boys play girl’s sports if they want

Psychologists explain why campus diversity efforts often fail

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