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And the SCOTUS Nominee is…

FBI Director Comey tells Congress: ‘We have not changed our conclusions’ on Clinton investigation

Battle begins to expel ISIS from Mosul

N.C. GOP office firebombed

Leaked email: Israeli officials see Obama as ‘weak,’ ‘pro-Muslim,’ ‘anti-Israel’

Coloradans to vote on ballot initiative legalizing physician-assisted suicide

Military spokesman: ISIS now putting IEDs on drones

Gallup: Most Americans say government does too much

State Dept. won’t comment on Clinton email claim of Saudi, Qatari support for ISIS

Report: Largest number ever of immigrants living in U.S.

Trump disagrees with running mate over military force in Syria

2.6 million Americans living abroad can vote this year

Obama directs federal agencies to consider climate change as a national security issue

Rouhani slams Saudis and ‘Zionists,’ accuses US of not complying with nuclear deal

Mispronouncing student’s name now considered a ‘microaggression’

Former US ambassador: ‘Iran simply is not an acceptable partner in the war against terror’

Democratic lawmakers ask Dept. of Veterans Affairs to cover sex-change surgery

DoD: $8.7 billion so far fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria, averaging $12.1 million a day

Bitter words between US and Russian diplomats following mistaken coalition airstrike

Anti-Israel ‘double standard’ at the UN

Iran tells US Navy: Go to the Bay of Pigs; the Persian Gulf is ours

Critics protest Obama administration overriding court to halt Dakota pipeline

Pro-life advocate: Eugenics still practiced today through genetic screenings and IVF

Trump: ‘Absolutely’ would consider not deporting illegals who serve in US military

Obama warns of ‘serious consequences’ after N. Korea, again, tests nuclear weapon

State Dept. acknowledges lack of transparency over Iran payment

Conservative leaders mourn Phyllis Schlafly, recall her courage under fire

FBI summary: Clinton ‘had no recollection’ 41 times

‘Racism’ blamed for high college costs

California passes bill criminalizing health care sting videos

Lawsuit filed to determine what administration is doing about ISIS Christian genocide

Russian-made missiles deployed at Iranian underground site kept open under nuclear deal

Shots fired in Persian Gulf; Iran warns encroaching U.S. ships will be ‘severely punished’

State Dept. won’t discuss ‘mechanics’ of $1.3B payment to Iran

Islamic bloc silent after attacks, except for blast at Israel

Syria’s continuing humanitarian disaster seen in child’s face

Foreign affairs chairman: ‘It was ransom’

Administration to issue regulation making all federal bathrooms available to transgenders

Penn. AG Kathleen Kane convicted of perjury, obstruction of justice

USCIRF: Add 7 more countries to list of world’s worst violators of religious freedom

DEA declines request to reclassify marijuana, citing its ‘high potential for abuse’

State Dept.: Murdering, enslaving for religion most ‘egregious form of discrimination’

Marine commandant: First time since WWII air strikes are threat to U.S. troops

Kerry: $400 million to Iran to ‘save the American taxpayers dollars’

Royce on reports Obama sent $400M to Iran: ‘It keeps getting worse’

Kaine: ‘My position is the same – I support the Hyde amendment’

Pope on Islamic terrorism: There are violent people in almost all religions

Clinton accuses Putin of hacking, leaking DNC emails

Clinton: ‘Inhumane’ to kick out illegal immigrants

‘Homegrown demagogues’: Obama accuses Trump of threatening American values

Attack on French church puts focus on ISIS’ anti-Christian hatred

‘Syrian refugee’ kills self in apparent attempt to bomb festival in Germany

Federal debt tops $19.4 trillion

Obama: ‘The world has never been less violent’

Pew: Majority of Americans think too many people are ‘easily offended’

Pence: ‘The choice couldn’t be more clear’

Newly revealed document indicates Obama’s words on Iran deal not so ‘muddled’

Benghazi victim’s mother: Hillary Clinton ‘lied to me’

U.S. unhappy Iran’s complaints included in UN report on nuclear deal

Rep. Labrador: Religious liberty threatened by ‘growing intolerance’ in America

Kerry: We will meet Obama’s goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees

Dallas police chief called to serve

AG Lynch tells Congress: ‘It would be inappropriate’ to comment further on Clinton email probe

UN invites ‘Black Lives Matter’ to event

Gallup: 70% oppose considering race in college admissions

National PTA calls for federal designation of LGBTQs as ‘protected class’

Like many Islamic terrorists, Bangladesh attackers well-educated, well-off

Defense Secretary: Transgenders welcome to serve in U.S. military

Poll: Fewer Americans believe in God than in past decades

Interior Secretary: More diversity needed in national monuments

Republicans release Benghazi report: Rescue delayed as administration dithered

Study: AP exam ‘warps and guts’ European history to serve ‘progressive agenda’

Pope Francis: ‘Suffering for one’s religious belief has become a daily reality’

Kerry heads for Europe after Brexit result administration neither wanted nor predicted

State Dep’t: We didn’t strike nuclear deal to help Boeing sell planes to Iran

‘Equally divided’ Supreme Court rejects Obama’s executive amnesty

Bitter campaign ends as Britons head to polls in momentous EU vote

Rep. DeLauro: Fight ‘Big Soda’ and tax each teaspoon of sugar

Trump apologizes to the real Pocahontas

Kerry: ‘Zero evidence’ screened refugees pose greater risk than other groups

FBI redacts Mateen’s 911 call to avoid giving ‘credence’ to other terrorists

Ryan: Going after Second Amendment is ‘not how you stop terrorism’

Kerry acknowledges some terrorists are radicalized for religious reasons

Ryan: Security test — not religious test — for immigrants is ‘preferred route’

Homeland Security chair: Highest threat environment ‘since 9/11’

California’s assisted suicide law goes into effect

State Dept. expects Syrian refugees to U.S. to ‘increase exponentially’

CDC: 30.4% of Americans 20 and older are obese

Hoyer: Religion shouldn’t determine who can escape Syria

Iran nuke deal offers a model for North Korea, Kerry says

Air Force Secretary certain transgenders will serve in more open way

Kerry explains why SecState focuses on oceans in terrorism age

Obama: Military stronger because combat positions are open to women

Planned Parenthood CEO: ‘Get In good trouble’ like Sanger

Germany plans first increase in troop numbers since Cold War

As NATO plans more troops for Poland, Russia decries ‘Cold War-era security schemes’

State Dept. official: ‘No excuse for governments to not enforce effective border controls’

Israeli delegate blasts WHO for ‘naming and shaming’ Israel

Federal lawyers deceive judge, so he orders ethics classes

UMass divests from fossil fuel industry that ‘perpetuates injustice’

Obama’s Japan visit starts with apology – although not for Hiroshima

National Security Adviser Rice: Security workforce lacks diversity

Obama in Vietnam: U.S. also ‘still striving to live up to our founding ideals’

Portland, OR, bans textbooks questioning ‘climate crisis’

Syrian refugee admissions soar, but none are Christian

Obama explains new OT rule for salaried workers

Social media giants face French lawsuit threats over ‘hate’ posts

Fla. student handbooks to offer pledge of allegiance opt out

FBI Director: ‘I worry very much’ that young people won’t join police force

Kerry jokes he wishes Europeans could have voted when he ran for president

Kerry says Iran is ‘open for business’

Poll: Liberal Democrats’ sympathies lean toward Palestinians

Kerry seeks to disconnect religion from terrorism

EU leaders extend border controls; Merkel warns against ‘nationalism’

Trump: ‘Every move we made in the Middle East was wrong’

GMU Senate has ‘deep concern’ over naming of law school after Scalia

Iran state TV airs video encouraging children to fight in Syria

Conservative leaders criticize Boehner for calling Cruz ‘Lucifer in the flesh’

‘Women’s bathrooms are for women,’ Rubio says

National security expert: Obama gave Iran better nuke deal than US allies got

Iran threatens to take US to tribunal over terror payout ruling

Sen. Graham: No birth certificate needed for my bathroom

Study: Heavy pot users face as many midlife troubles as alcoholics

Labor Secretary wants to move forward with $12 minimum wage

Federal regulators: Living wills submitted by 5 big banks ‘not credible’

Sen. Blumenthal: ‘Great dangers’ posed by Scalia vacancy

GOP senators target taxpayer funding for Kerry’s UN climate change programs

Clooney condemns ‘obscene amount of money’ he raised for Clinton

Kasich: Balance needed on LGBT rights and religious freedom

State Dept.: 23 million abortions annually in China

Sanders: ‘U.S. and rest of world have got to work together to help Palestinian people’

Sanders urges removing pot from federal illegal drugs list

GOP-led Congress added $5.1B in earmarks in FY2016

IRS Commissioner: More than 1 million daily hacking attempts

DHS will make ‘Freedom of Religion’ change in naturalization exam

Sen. Collins most concerned about SCOTUS nominee’s views on separation of powers

Obama: ‘I have transformed the federal courts from a diversity standpoint’

Kerry, in Bahrain, mentions possibility of ‘new arrangement’ with Iran

HUD’s proposed RV rule causes an uproar

Feds set up fake college to nab ‘pay-to-stay’ visa schemers

National Right to Work: ‘Everything government unions do is political’

U.S. bishops urge Congress to back protections for doctors opposed to abortion

Maine’s Collins ‘convinced’ Garland should get hearing

Trump now says abortion laws shouldn’t change

Salman Rushdie: Obama making ‘mistake’ by not saying ‘Islamic terrorism’

‘First time in human history’ 65 and older will outnumber children under 5

Pro-life leaders say abortionists, not women, should be punished

Trump doubles down on NATO criticism

Florida becomes 12th state to defund Planned Parenthood

Attorneys General form coalition ‘to protect and expand’ climate change agenda

HUD mandates ‘affordable housing’ in affluent suburbs

Obama: Don’t worry if it’s socialism or capitalism, ‘just decide what works’

DOD official: ‘There have been Americans that have died because of Gitmo detainees’

House terrorism chair: Strategy against ISIS a complete failure

Speaker Ryan: Obama’s Cuba trip ‘legitimizes a tyrannical dictatorship’

Kasich says ‘path to legalization’ is not amnesty

Clinton: Iran ‘remains an extremist regime’

Raul Castro: ‘What political prisoners?’

Obama says he welcomes Castro’s criticism of the United States

‘Miracles From Heaven’ takes in $18M in five days

Trump: ‘Obama should have turned the plane around and left’

Obama tweets from Havana hours after regime detains dissidents

Cruz stresses how easy it is to cross border

McConnell repeats: Senate will not vote on any Obama nominee

Abortion survivor testifies before Senate

Cubans rights groups fear Democratic world legitimizing Castros

American College of Pediatricians: Gender ideology harms children

Kerry still waffling on ISIS genocide as deadline passes

Weak language on Iran missiles gives Russia excuse

Keeping faith the message in Garner’s ‘Miracles’

ISIS unanimously condemned for genocide in House resolution

Genocide resolution coming to a vote

KoC: U.S. must conclude there’s genocide against Mideast Christians

Iran aiming to shut down UN investigator critical of its record

Clinton explains why she said one thing to Chelsea, something else to Benghazi families

Kerry opposed new congressional sanctions over Iranian missile launches

Treasury Secretary: Don’t blame IRS for its ‘bad performance record’

Iran’s latest ballistic missile test comes despite new U.S. sanctions

Homeland Sec.: ‘Only so much border security’

Black 8.8% jobless rate more than double white rate

Trump says immigration ‘tug and pull’ inevitable

WH: Captured ISIS leaders being handled case by case

Indiana sixth state to call for Article V convention

Bioethicist: ‘We have commodified … babies and baby parts’

Trump: ‘Everything’s negotiable’

Mass. reports record welfare fraud

Iranian body electees include men implicated in terror, assassinations

Thousands ink petition for Kerry to call Mideast Christians peril ‘genocide’

Atheist group abandons fight against ‘Big Mountain Jesus’

Lands’ End yanks Gloria Steinem from site, apologizes

Kerry having ‘additional evaluation’ on whether slaughter of Mideast Christians is genocide

Castro mouthpiece: Obama visit ends ‘myth’ that ‘Cuba violates human rights’

Obama outlines plan to move terrorists from Gitmo to US prisons

Syria truce: No monitors on the ground to ensure compliance

Trump says he won’t release tax returns yet

Rubio: Cuba ‘is harboring a killer from New Jersey who killed a state trooper’

Activists contest proof-of-citizenship rule for voter registration

Iran’s Ayatollah says US works against ‘religious democracy’

Republican divide: Sessions, McConnell split over Supreme Court vacancy

Fast and Furious records aren’t protected from disclosure, court rules

Communist Party paper slams ‘vile characters’ behind Senate move to rename Chinese DC embassy street

Schumer advocated ‘obstructionism’ over Bush high court pick in 2007

McCain says he’ll hold a hearing, subpoena US sailors detained by Iran if necessary

DNC Chair: Superdelegates make sure Party leaders don’t have to run against grassroots activists

Clinton, Sanders agree: Expand Social Security taxes beyond wages to investment income

In Tehran, Farrakhan hails ‘wonderful revolution,’ slams American ‘tyranny’

Sanders: Government has a ‘moral responsibility’ to guarantee ‘a decent standard of living’ for everyone

US Navy ‘disgusted’ by Iran’s exploitation of sailors’ detention

Ramadi liberated, but booby trapped

Iran, Hezbollah return to ‘Terrorism’ subsection of intelligence threat report

U.S. merchandise trade deficit with China hit record in 2015

Sanders crushes Clinton by carrying most NH voting groups

Obama’s 2017 budget: A record in taxes; a record in spending

Maine crackdown on food stamp fraud offers a model

Terrorist’s widow indicted in connection with rape, death of American hostage

NARAL denounces Doritos spot as ‘humanizing’ a fetus – D’oh!

Christie on taxing millionaires: ‘Let N.J. be the canary in the coal mine’

Missile launch by N. Korea met with tepid response, again

Pelosi opposes restrictions on women in combat

Gay men make up 2% of population, 67% of new HIV cases, CDC says

Gitmo prisoners are time bombs, Ghana bishops say

Iran accused of coercing vulnerable Afghans to fight for Assad in Syria

Iran warns US of more footage of captured soldiers

Israeli product-labeling order targeted by GOP lawmaker

Obama finally due to meet with Ryan

Open carry ban urged by federal lawmakers in Conn.

Iran claims to have ‘shooed away’ a U.S. warship that was 7,000 miles away

State won’t release unclassified Clinton-Obama emails

Government workers accounted for 48.9% of union members in 2015

Clinton: The money to help Americans pay their bills ‘should come from those who have it’

As Europe signs deals with Iran, protestors decry reception for ‘Executioner of Freedom’

Rubio, Cruz at GOP debate: Rebuild our degraded military, crush ISIS

Apology demanded from Fla. athletic association for denying football teams use of loudspeakers to pray

Stanford economist: Globalization is erasing prosperity gap between rich, poor countries

Black lives threatened most by violent criminals, not police, report says

On email, Clinton says ‘nothing that I did was wrong’

Putin on his Communist Party membership card: ‘I still keep it at home’

Clinton emails with classified info called ‘security threat’

‘Act of God’: Ayatollah claims divine intervention led to US sailors’ detention at gunpoint

Ayotte and McCain: Iran humiliated our sailors, and we thanked them

Sen. Lankford marks anniversary of Roe v. Wade: When ‘will law catch up with our science?’

GAO: 70% of firearms seized in Mexico came from USA

Tavis Smiley: In past 10 years, blacks lost ground in every major economic category

China, Russia to help Iran build new nuclear facilities

Poverty expert: To boost labor force participation rate, public assistance programs should promote work

Pro-life lawmaker: This year’s March for Life theme challenges falsehood that abortion empowers women

Dem. Senator: We can agree on wanting to reduce ‘demand for abortions’

Rubio: Obama’s prisoner swap has ‘put a price on the head of every American abroad’

New poll: 8 in 10 Americans, 2 out of 3 ‘pro-choice’ supporters favor abortion restrictions

GOP candidates bookend debate attacking Obama’s nuclear deal With Iran

Iranian President celebrates nuke deal: ‘All are happy except Zionists, warmongers … extremists in U.S.’

Speaker Ryan: Obama has given us ‘trickle-down economics … liberal style’

Home Depot co-founder: Obama’s economy ‘just not working’; he ‘ought to work on his golf’

Clinton says ‘we should do everything we can to repeal’ ban on federal funding of abortion

Bernie Sanders gives a number: ‘How much do you have to earn to be rich?’

Trump, Union Leader feud grows as paper dropped from debate

Hundreds in Congress back Little Sisters before high court

Kerry: ‘North Korea has never been left unattended to, not for one day’

Pharmacists ask U.S. Supreme Court to protect their conscience rights

TransCanada sues over Keystone rejection; accuses Obama of exceeding his powers

North Korea claims to have detonated first hydrogen bomb

Birth father demands surrogate undergo abortion after he learns she’s carrying triplets

Ryan: Obama’s executive action another attempt to divide, ‘distract from his failed policies’

State Dept. won’t say if Kerry saw intel reports referencing communications between Israelis and members of Congress

Pro-life California pregnancy centers must provide abortion information or face fines

Gallup: Only 2 percent say ‘Guns/Gun Control’ among nation’s most important problems

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