Evan Lips

My time in Boston dates back to the fall of 2007, when I went back to school to pursue my masters in journalism at Boston University. I left Washington, D.C., having said “goodbye” to a career as a Hill staffer. My time in the U.S. House of Representatives taught me that I was a lot more curious than I thought. In 2007, the Internet was busy wreaking havoc on the print business model. BU offered exactlyone online journalism course, an elective. Today, BU’s online journalism course is a requirement. I scored my first internship with a Boston-based news outlet in the spring of 2008, only to watch the publication promptly shut down operations. Undaunted, I kept going, first writing web stories for WHDH7News, later covering suburbs for the MetroWest Daily News. I spent several gratifying years working for the Lowell Sun before leaving Massachusetts to work for the New Haven Register in Connecticut. Today, I am ecstatic to be back in the Hub and feel grateful to be able to write and report about a region I deeply care about.

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Items by Evan Lips

Boston’s Yawkey Way Now Officially Gone, But What About “Jersey’s” Past?

Maine Dems Kill Bill Making Genital Mutilation A Crime

Boston Globe To Investigate Its Star Columnist’s Boston Marathon Claims

State Police Brass Named In ‘Troopergate’ Lawsuit Angling To Have Case Removed From Federal Court

After AG Healey Punts On Thornton Law Dem Donor Probe, Essex DA Declines To Pursue Criminal Charges

Massachusetts High Court Retreats On Stun Gun Ban

Cambridge Mayor Calls Video Of Black Harvard Student’s Arrest ‘Disturbing’

AG Healey Scores Another Victory In Push To Investigate ExxonMobil

Warren Rips Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Chief Mulvaney During Hearing

Expect A Notable Absentee When Boston Commission Votes Thursday On Red Sox Yawkey Way Name Change (UPDATED)

Baker Skips VP Pence’s Boston Visit, Dem Guv Candidate Calls Him Out

Can Harvard Seal Admissions Data in Asian-Americans’ Lawsuit? Justice Department, First Amendment Groups Say No

Federal Judge Sides With AG Healey, Rules Second Amendment Does Not Cover AR-15s & High-Capacity Mags

Pick-Your-Own-Prison Gender-Identity Bill Approved; What Will Governor Baker Do?

Former Drug Dealer Who Somehow Became A Massachusetts State Trooper Breaks Her Silence

Baker Takes A Swing At Massachusetts State Police Scandals, Announces Changes

Anti-ICE Tattle-Tale Phone Line Goes Live In Somerville

Massachusetts Physician-Assisted Suicide Legislation Dies Again

Healey To Sue Trump — Again — Over Census Citizenship Question

Baker Finally Goes ‘Criminal’ On Massachusetts State Police Scandals Following Another OT Abuse Report

Topics Of Race, Inequality Play Leading Roles At Boston Gun Control Rally

Senate Prez Chandler Calls Massachusetts State Police OT Scandal Criminal; Duo Of MSP Retirees Accused Of Fraud ID’d

YouTube Banning Gun Videos

Massachusetts AG Healey Vows Unity In Opioid Fight, Rips Trump’s Plan As ‘Senseless Waste Of Money’

Healey To Investigate Cambridge Data Firm Used By Trump Campaign; Former Obama Campaign Staffer Says Facebook “Was On Our Side”

Massachusetts’s Seth Moulton Open To Offering FBI’s Recently-Fired McCabe Job To Save Pension

Retired State Police Brass Demand Federal Judge Toss Troopers’ Lawsuit

Democratic State Rep Triggered By State House’s General Hooker Entrance Sign

Federal Judge Denies AG Healey’s Attempt To Toss ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Lawsuit

Elizabeth Warren’s Dodgy Weekend

As Liz Warren Rips Democratic Colleagues, GOP Challenger Lindstrom Attacks Warren’s ‘Rock-Throwing’

Barney Frank On Boston City Councilor’s Bid To Primary Capuano for Congress: ‘Politics At Its Most Egotistical’

Middlebury Student Newspaper Triggers Campus By Running Photo Of White Conservative

Pressure Builds After New Filings In State Police ‘TrooperGate’ Lawsuit

Petitioners Calling For Harvard To Reinstate Christian Student Group

Boston Red Sox Submit Formal Petition To City To Make Tom Yawkey Disappear

Date Set For Important “TrooperGate” Hearing

As Evidence Piles Up Alleging Authorities’ Negligence Dealing With Florida School Shooter, Warren Amps Up Financial Pressure On NRA

‘Bike Life’ Bust On I-93 Unofficially Kicks Off Spring In Boston

Two More Abrupt Resignations from Massachusetts State Police Brass Connected To ‘TrooperGate’ Scandal

TrooperGate Lawsuit May Go the Distance, As Cast of Characters Thickens

TRIALS OF TURTLEBOY: Worcester Blog Takes On Boston Newspapers Over Coverage Of Massachusetts State Police Scandals

Massachusetts State Trooper Claims Worcester DA’s Office Complicit In ‘TrooperGate’ Conspiracy

Fenway’s ‘Yawkey Way’ Going … Going …

WEEI Sports Talk Radio Under Siege: Massachusetts AG Healey Says State Should Yank Advertising

Warren Doubles Down On Native American Ancestry Claim During Surprise Appearance

Nonprofit Fiscal Watchdog Fears Massachusetts Will Act To Make Donor ID’s Public

Ex-State Police Superintendent Blasts Trooper In Lawsuit Rebuttal

GOP Senate Candidate Kingston Mocks Warren’s ‘Nevertheless She Persisted’ Anniversary

Chandler In Charge For 2018 As Massachusetts Senate Steps Further Away From Embattled Rosenberg

Democrat-Donating FBI Agent Who Resigned Now Works At CNN

Asian-American Data Collection Proposal Roils Massachusetts Residents

New York Times Runs FBI Agent’s Angry Resignation Column, Neglects To Inform Readers Of Agent’s Ties To Democrats

Comey On FISA Memo: ‘That’s It?’

Nancy Pelosi Comes To Cambridge To Rip ‘GOP Tax Scam Bill’ — But Some Like Their ‘Crumbs’

ACLU Triggered By Trump’s Frequent References To ‘America’ In State of the Union (And Other Highlights From Tuesday)

Opponents Of Doctor-Assisted Suicide To Go On Offensive At State House Wednesday

Pro-Borders Group, Socialist Anti-Deportation Activists To Hold Dueling Rallies Saturday

Justice Department Warns City Of Lawrence: Sanctuary City Status Will Cost You

BEACON HILL SEX SAGA: Alleged Victim Says ‘This Is An Investigation To Clear Stan Rosenberg’s Name’

Are Questions Of Confidentiality In Rosenberg Probe Keeping Potential Beacon Hill Victims Silent?

Woman At Center Of Massachusetts RMV Licenses-For-Illegal-Aliens Scam Wasn’t Citizen When She Got Job

Healey GOP Challenger Says He’ll ‘Get Politics Out’ of Massachusetts AG Office

Bump-Fire Stock Ban On Track For Feb. 1 Enactment, But Don’t Expect To Be Reimbursed For Complying

Warren Makes It All About Trump At Boston’s Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast

UMass Amherst Sued Over ‘Egregious Free Speech Policy’

Another Utility Announces Lower Rates Because of GOP Tax Cut

GOP Healey Challenger Comes Out Swinging, Rips Attorney General Over Drug Lab Scandal

U.S. Senate Hopeful to Congress: Dump Earmark Talk

Massachusetts GOP Blasts Beacon Hill Dems Over Tax Uncertainty

Massachusetts GOP Senate Candidate Issues ‘Tax Cut Challenge’ to Senator Elizabeth Warren

Geoff Diehl (Sort-of) Crashes Elizabeth Warren’s Public Radio Appearance

GOP U.S. Senate Candidates Looking To Seize On Elizabeth Warren’s Efforts To Raise National Profile

Fear and Loathing In Worcester: Turtleboy, Facebook, A Judge’s Daughter, and The DA’S Office

Elizabeth Warren Pokes The Donald Over “Science,” The Internet Pokes Back

How Many Times Did Maura Sue Donald? The Complete List of Massachusetts v. Trump

PAY WOKE: Your Kid Can Major In ‘Social Justice’ For $55,000 At Merrimack College

Massachusetts AG Healey Teams Up With East Coast States, Sues EPA Over Midwestern Air Fumes

State Police Major Named In “TrooperGate” Lawsuit Denies Conspiracy Allegations

Globe Finally Identifies Dismissed State House Reporter, But What About The Others?

Newton Mayor Warren Rips Baker For Gov’s Apparent Support of GOP Tax Bill

Meet The Colleges That Don’t Want ‘Secret Santa,’ Wrapped Gifts, Or Red And Green

ISIS Fanboy From Everett Gets 28 Years For Plotting To Behead A Conservative Blogger

U.S. Constitution Wins Appeal at Bunker Hill Community College; What About Other Massachusetts Campuses?

Boston University Professor: ‘Jingle Bells’ is Racist

Reporter at Center of Globe In-House Sexual Harassment Story Identified

College Adviser Who Tried To Silence Conservative Speaker At UConn Cries Fascism

Feds to Investigate Distribution of Racist Fliers at Framingham State University

Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich Cleared of Charges Following UConn First Amendment Dust-Up

BLACK FRIDAY: Boston Media’s Day of Reckoning

Former Dem State Senator Indicted, Top Fiscal Watchdog Expecting More to Follow

Hampshire College Silences Black Speaker Over Her Support for Second Amendment

Taking It To Charlie: Springfield Conservative Running Against Governor Baker in GOP Primary

Warren Reportedly Calling on Franken to Resign From Senate, But Won’t Comment Publicly

Massachusetts Medical Society Drops Opposition To Physician-Assisted Suicide

Senate President Rosenberg Stepping Down (For Now — Refresh For Updates) Worcester’s Chandler is IN!

Senate Prez Rosenberg: Bryon Entering Rehab

Massachusetts State Police Captain Texted Top Brass Shortly After Arrest of Judge’s Daughter

Senate Prez Stan Rosenberg’s Civil-Law Husband Accused of Sexual Assault

TRIALS OF TURTLEBOY: Facebook Drops the Hammer on Central Massachusetts Web Site

Federal Judge Delivers Blow to Liz Warren, Barney Frank — OK’s Trump Naming of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Chief

Holy Cross on Verge of Dumping ‘Crusader’ Mascot Over Political Correctness

Liz Warren’s GOP Challengers Demand End to Congressional Sexual Harassment ‘Shush Fund’; Warren Still Mum on Issue

Baker Says Top State Police Brass Left Posts Amid ‘TrooperGate’ Fallout “On Their Own”

Speakers, Journalists, Allowed Access to “Boston Free Speech” Event on Common — This Time, No Violence

Boston Gears Up For Another ‘Free Speech’ Rally

Senator Warren: Al Franken’s Behavior ‘Unacceptable and Deeply Disappointing’

Governor Baker Appoints New State Police Chief, Pivots Around Questions Regarding Dual Retirements Following ‘TrooperGate’

Massachusetts State Police Second-In-Command Retires Amid Probe Involving Altering of Judge’s Daughter’s Arrest Report

GOP Senate Candidate Kingston to Alabama’s Roy Moore: Drop Out

Another State Trooper Sues, Alleging Conspiracy Regarding Altered Arrest Report of Massachusetts Judge’s Daughter

Senate Candidate Ayyadurai Demands Apology From Mayor Walsh Over Handling of Free Speech Event

Baker, Healey To Probe Allegations State Police Edited Arrest Report to Shield Judge’s Daughter

From Sanctuary City to Sanctuary State? ACLU Sees Salem Vote As Springboard

Senate Criminal Justice Bill Would Let Inmates Dictate Prison Based On Gender Identity

Texas Gunman Illegally Obtained Weapon, But Massachusetts Senator Warren Blames Gun Lobby

Massachusetts Senate Votes to Kill Due Process in Campus Sexual Assault Tribunals

Beacon Hill Lawmakers Finally Reach Agreement on Supplemental Budget, Bump-Fire Stock Ban

Liz Warren: DNC Rigged Nomination For Hillary Clinton Against Bernie Sanders

Second Amendment Group Sounds Alarm Over ‘Gun Control’ Amendment in Massachusetts Legislature

Somerville Landowner Sues City, Says Officials Trying to Drive Down Property Values Ahead of Eminent Domain Taking

Markey Concerned Trump Might Fire Mueller, Refuses to Address Russian Dossier

Beacon Hill Democrats Looking to Add More Tolls to Boston-Area Highways

Liz Warren’s Dueling #MeToo Recollections of Sexual Assault Draw Skepticism

‘Unity’ Dominates as GOP’s John Kingston Kicks Off Senate Campaign to Unseat Liz Warren

Mayor Marty Walsh Being Sued For $100M Over ‘Slanderous Statements’ Made Ahead of Boston Free Speech Rally

Illegal Alien, Focus of Massachusetts High Court Order Limiting Detentions, Commits Violent Crime — Story Now Going National

Gloucester Roiled By School Halloween Party Featuring Trump Tombstone

‘Independent Taxation Authority’ for Regional Schools? Massachusetts Auditor Suggests Ways To Provide More Tax Dollars

VIRTUE SIGNALING ALERT: Liberal Media Smears Gen. Kelly’s Criticisms of Congresswoman Who Listened in on Grieving Widow’s Call as Boston-Style Racism, Sexism

Friday Reality Check: NBC Touts #MeToo Sexual Abuse Campaign After Ignoring Weinstein Story

More Than Two Weeks Later, Harvard Pulls Plug on Harvey Weinstein African-American Honor, But What About the Money Trail?

Massachusetts AG Healey Sues Trump Administration Again, Seeks Detention and Deportation Records of Illegal Aliens

When Will Harvard Rescind Social Justice Medal Awarded to Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein?

No Bump-Fire Stock? No Problem — These Guys Show How Massachusetts’ Proposed Ban Is Arguably Useless

Life in Prison for Bump-Fire Stock? Massachusetts Senate Passes Ban More Specific Than House Version

Massachusetts’ Top Court to Rule On Union Campaign Donation Loophole

Massachusetts’ Second Amendment Group Cries Foul Over ‘Bump-Fire Stock’ Ban

Free Speech Group to Hold Another Boston Common Rally in November — With or Without Permit

Governor Baker Says He Has ‘Concerns’ Over Senate Criminal Justice Bill, Including Statutory Rape Reform

Massachusetts AG Healey Taking Trump to Court Over Contraception Coverage Rollback

Massachusetts Pro-Family Group Concerned Over Proposal to Alter Ages of Sexual Consent

Baker Signals Support For Bump-Fire Stock Ban In Wake Of Las Vegas Massacre; NRA Calls For Federal Review

Haymarket RMV Clerks Charged With Selling Phony IDs To Illegal Aliens Reach Plea Deal With Feds

Woke Cambridge Librarian Learns That In Addition To Elephants, The Internet Never Forgets, Either

New England’s Pro Sports Franchises To ‘Take the Lead’ Against Racism

West Point Grad Touts Communism, Colin Kaepernick

‘Death With Dignity’ or Pressuring the Ill To Die? Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Clash on Beacon Hill

WOUNDED KNEE: NFL Players Kneel for Social Justice, But Is Trend Now Splintering Liberals?

Due Process to Return to Title IX Campus Sexual Assault Tribunals

Bridgewater State Covers For Prof Whose Anti-Trump Rants Lit Up Social Media

‘Chappaquiddick’ Reviews Paint An Unpretty Picture of Kennedys

Secret Recordings Ruling Makes Massachusetts Malefactors Safe from Project Veritas … For Now

ICYMI: Hillary Clinton Was So Sure About Trump Defeat She Bought A Second Chappaqua Home To House Additional White House Staff

Amherst College Leftists Strike Again, This Time On 9/11 With Flag Denouncing America

Anti-KKK Fliers Greet Amherst College Republicans Group

Will GOP Claims Of Voter Fraud in New Hampshire Be Dashed By The College Factor?

REPORT: 5,000-Plus Out-of-State Voters May Have Tilted New Hampshire Against Trump, Ayotte in 2016

Police Presence, Protesters at Harvard Charles Murray Event

Trump Channels Patriots’ Belichick, Tells Congress ‘Do Your Job’ Regarding DACA

So Far, Massachusetts AG Healey Mum On Potential DACA Litigation (UPDATED)

Who’s Right on Gun Ban? Legislative Report Contradicts Connecticut’s Argument In Gun-Seizure Case

Federal Court Case Offers Clues on Rumored Connecticut Gun Ban

Setti Warren to Baker: Pick a Side in Senate Race

Did Connecticut Just Enact Another Gun Law Without Taking A Vote?

Capuano Piles On Texas Conservatives Over Sandy Relief Bill Vote, Overlooks Pork Bonanza

Feds Charge Worcester Shop Owner With Accepting Food Stamps For Fake Designer Merch

Will Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Colleague Affect Walsh Protégé’s Congressional Ambitions?

ESPN Yanks Broadcaster Named Robert Lee, Triggers Reuters Social Media Meltdown

Plea Deal in the Works? Lawyers Hinting about RMV Clerk at Center of Fake-IDs-for-Illegal-Aliens Allegations

SO VAIN: Solar Eclipse Pre-Trial Motion Gets Federal Judge Going

Vermont Resolves Fraud Claim Against Obamacare Architect

Boston Free Speech Rally Fizzles As Thousands Protest; City Cuts Event Short To Avoid Mayhem

Walsh: Don’t Go To The Boston Common Saturday

Poll Shows Most Americans Want To Keep Confederate Monuments, As Massachusetts Boards Up Its Own

‘Free Speech’ Group Obtains Permit For Boston Rally

Popular Social Media Trend Among Journos Is Equating Antifa To WW2 Vets

Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally Organizers Insist Event Is Still A Go As City Girds For Potential Clashes

RMV Clerk Accused Of Running Identity Fraud Ring To Return To Court Friday

Feds Bust Worcester Man In Identity Theft Case

ACLU Sues Maine Governor LePage Over His Facebook Page

Trinity College Losing Money, Students, Following Professor’s Facebook Post

Feds Question History of Central Figure In Alleged RMV ID Scheme

Widespread Fraud? Alleged RMV Scheme Fuels Speculation

Feds Bust Six In Alleged RMV Identity Fraud Scheme To Benefit Illegal Immigrants

DIEHL MAKES IT OFFICIAL — He’s Taking On Liz Warren in 2018

NPR Identifies False Accuser As ‘Survivor’

Trinity College Student Writes Hartford Courant Op-Ed, Slams School’s ‘White Privilege’ Infection

Bilingualism, Si, English Immersion, No

Activists Disrupt Illegal Immigration Bill Announcement

Trump’s Anti-Voter Fraud Commission: Judge Says Yes, Massachusetts Says No

Things You Can’t Say On The Senate Floor

Planned Parenthood-Friendly Sex-Ed Mandate Passes Massachusetts Senate

Senate To Vote On Bill That Would Mandate How Local School Districts Teach Sex

When Should the Government Be Able To Take Your Guns Away?

Is Liz Warren The Next Nancy Pelosi?

Bill Belichick’s T-Shirt Spurs Progressive Outrage

ACTIVE SHOOTER: Connecticut Business Prepares People For The Unthinkable

Harvard To Scrub ‘Puritans’ Reference From Alma Mater Lyrics

Governor Baker Won’t Rule Out Support For Statewide ‘Sanctuary City’ Proposal

Cambridge On Verge Of Banning Pet Shops

Are Men Who Won’t Date Transgender Biological Men Bigots?

Cambridge Offers ‘How-To’ Legal Guide For Illegal Aliens

Don’t Read This … Unless You Want People To Die

Mass GOP Attacks AG Healey’s Office About Judge’s ‘Misconduct’ Finding in Drug Lab Review

CNN Is Having A Bad Week

Fake News Prompts Real Lawsuit

Let Them Eat Cake? U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Same-Sex Couple Wedding Cake Case

Elizabeth Warren Doubles Down On Violence Talk

Trinity College Professor Goes Into Hiding

A Professor’s Facebook Post, A Campus Lockdown, and Calls To Let White People Die: Higher Education In 2017?

Irish Man Living Illegally In Boston Goes On Television, Guess What Happens Next

THE TRIALS OF TURTLEBOY: Is Facebook A Blogger’s Best Asset Or Worst Enemy?

Following Attempted Political Assassination, Rift Between Parties Shows No Signs Of Mending

In-State Tuition For Illegal Aliens Hearing Draws Small Crowd, Emotional Testimony

POLITICAL TERRORISM: GOP Lawmaker Targeted Following Baseball Field Shooting Spree

Sierra Club Director Rains On Charlie Baker’s Climate Change Parade

In Name Of Political Correctness, Media Sanitizes Orlando Nightclub Massacre Anniversary

Sanctuary State Bill Draws Raucous Crowd On Beacon Hill

Federal Judge Denies Harvard’s Bid To Dismiss Affirmative Action-Related Lawsuit

Should Fate of Native American Mascots Be Decided By Beacon Hill?

Ban Conversion Therapy? Supporters Say It’s Child Abuse; Opponents Say Banning It Is Child Abuse

Man’s ‘Sex Change Regret’ Life Story Set To Rock Beacon Hill

FACEBOOK: We Messed Up, Sorry About Your Business

Yale Honors Students Who Berated, Threatened Professor

FORGET PARIS: A Recap Of The Hollywood Stars Who Got Trump’d

Guess Why The Massachusetts Teachers Association Snubbed National Teacher Of The Year

Brooklyn Man Buys Movie Ticket, Triggers Internet

Business Owner Threatened By Facebook After He Criticizes Pro-Cop Killer Comment

What Big Word Did Hampshire College’s Commencement Speaker Use for Trump?

Counter-Resistance To Sanctuary Cities Forms In Boston

Hodgson Fires Back At Beacon Hill Dems Over Out-Of-State Prisoner Work Ban

Can Massachusetts Prisoners Work on the Wall? House Democrats Say …

Student Activists: Boston University Alumni Last Best Hope of Mankind

Silenced Immigration Skeptic To Appear at Sanctuary City Discussion

Media’s Trump Coverage Overly Positive? Harvard Study Has Answers

Yale Graduate Union Activists To Disrupt Commencement

MAXIMUM HARM: The Tsarnaev Brothers, The FBI, And The Road To The Marathon Bombing

Dem Gov Candidate: What Do Buggy Whips and Fossil Fuels Have In Common?

University of New Hampshire Student Activists Demand Local Businesses Stop Selling Ponchos And Sombreros

Markey Spreads Malarkey On CNN

Police Confirm Report Of Transgender Activist’s Attack on ‘Bathroom Bill’ Opponent

Trump Foes Struggle To Keep Their Stories Straight After Comey’s Firing

Why Wasn’t Southie Murder Suspect Deported? Court Documents Offer Answer

Teen Who Made Headlines By Suing Parents Makes Them Again on Cinco de Mayo — You’ll Never Guess Why

Elizabeth Warren Attacks Left, Right, and Center

Old ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ Episode Censored To Accommodate New Views On Gender

Students At Connecticut Public Colleges And Universities Can Now Use The Locker Room Of Their Choice

Bathroom Bill Opponent Says Angry Activist Attacked Him At Private Event

Parents’ Revolt: Backlash May Save ‘Colonial Day’ in Arlington Elementary Schools, For Now

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Fails To Thrive in Maine Legislature

Yale Grad Students Conduct Hunger Strike In Between Meals

ISIS Fears Prompt Street Closure Near Fenway Park

Cambridge Bans City Employees From Flying United Airlines

AG Healey Answers Some Questions, Not Others on Gun Directive

NO BOOK DIEHL: Whitman Republican Rails Against Warren’s Book Tour

Harvard: Gender Identity Can Change On A Daily Basis

DO YOUR JOB: After Exposing The Rest Of The NFL, Patriots Expose New York Times

What Does It Take To Keep Three Dominican Drug Lords Out of Massachusetts and Rhode Island?

Immigration Status Of Vanessa Marcotte’s Alleged Killer Still Cloudy

Elizabeth Warren Said A Dirty Word

ICYMI: Moulton Suggests Trump Bombed Syria To Distance Himself From Russia Connections

Saran Wrap Sex-Ed Bill Will Help Teens Make Healthy Choices, Supporters Say

Sex Ed Bill Encourages Frank Discussions of Non-Reproductive Acts

Push Under Way On Beacon Hill To Dump State Flag; Guess Why?

Barney Frank To Disenchanted Millennial Voters: Get Over It

WATCH: ‘Drain the Swamp’ Rally, New Bedford

AG Healey’s Gun Directive Being Tested In Court

Sparks Fly When Somerville Mayor, Sheriff Talk Immigration

MBTA Retirement Fund Careening Off The Tracks?

Trump Impeached?

Free Speech Bus Hits Boston, Outrage Ensues

Brockton Dem Who Spread ICE Rumor Accuses Media Of Harassment, Asks For Campaign Donations

Brockton Dem Spills the Beans on ICE Raid Rumor

New Haven Protesters Demonstrate Against Non-Existent ‘Free Speech Bus’

A NORTH SHORE STORY: Trump’s Win Set Stage For Inter-Party Drama

What Do You Call A Freshman At Yale?

‘High-Five Fridays’ Not Dead Yet

FBI Director James Comey, Russia, and The New England Patriots

What Do Holy Cross, An African-American Newspaper, and the Ku Klux Klan Have in Common?

Who’s To Blame? Injured Middlebury College Professor Names Name (UPDATED)

Southie Parade Chief, Followed By Council Members, Flip Flops

Sharia Law Proponent Experiences American Law, Lives To Tell About It

Pro-Life Activists Demand Meeting With Gov. Baker, You’ll Never Guess What Happened

Getting To Know The Muscle Behind The Women’s Strike

AG Healey To Appoint Special Prosecutor To Investigate Alleged Dem Donor Scheme

Ball’s in AG Healey’s Court: Will She Take on Democrat-Leaning Law Firm for ‘Straw’ Political Donations?

UMass-Boston Admins Say White Supremacist Posters Have Popped Up On Campus

Feminist ‘Leaders of the Resistance’ Plot Anti-Trump Strategy

Black Panther Party Founder: Trump ‘Even Worse’ Than Nixon

AG Healey Joins Beacon Hill Leadership And An 8-Year-Old From Melrose To Rip Trump’s Transgender Policy Shift

Dems Mulling Baker Challenge Speak At Cambridge Forum

O’KEEFE: Undercover Journalist Hints He’s About To Expose CNN (Updated)

AG Healey Adamant, Will Not Challenge Baker In 2018

The Russians Are Coming … And Have Been For Years

Group Taking On AG Healey, Looking To Zap State’s Stun-Gun Ban

Behind Closed Doors, Beacon Hill Dems Map Anti-Trump Strategy

Fiscal Watchdog Group Blasts Beacon Hill Dems Over Pay Hikes, Talk Of Tax Increases

Diehl Weighing Senate Run: ‘Liz Warren Doesn’t Seem To Understand Presidential Campaign Is Over’

Supreme Judicial Court To Rule On ICE Detainers

GOP Silencing of Senator Warren Means Big Campaign Bucks, Publicity

THE TRIGGERING OF AMERICA: Blue State Patriots Sack Progressives, Will They Protest?

Boston Federal Judge To ACLU, State: Travel Ban Deadline Will Be Upheld

BACON HILL DENOUEMENT: Democrats Successfully Defy Baker Pay Raise Veto

AG Healey Joins ACLU Lawsuit Challenging Trump’s Travel Restrictions

McDonald’s Burger Machine Unveiled As “Fight For $15” Moves Forward

AG Healey: Trump Executive Order On Religious Freedom May Land This Week (UPDATED)

Rosenberg Compares Trump Order to Third Reich Policy

BACON HILL, PART DEUX: Baker Will Veto Dems’ Veto-Proof Pay Raise Package

BACON HILL: Democrats Ram Pay Raise Bill Through House

Salary Proposal Could Result In Huge Payday For Beacon Hill

Gun Rights Group Taking Healey, Baker to Federal Court Over Firearm Ban

Boston University Student Activists Protest Trump, BU Fossil Fuel Holdings

Elation, Anger Accompany Trump Inauguration

“Deplore-a-Ball” Weathers Protests, DC Readies For Trump

Boston Leftist Groups Mobilizing To Protest, Disrupt Trump Inauguration

Charlie Baker, Donald Trump and the Future of the Massachusetts GOP

Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson to Challenge Mayor Walsh

AG Healey: ‘This New Administration Really Scares Me’

Gun Rights Group Wants Answers, Asks Galvin for Help

Anxiety Over Dawn of Trump Administration Felt At Somerville State-of-the-City Proceedings

Trump Backers Claim Fix Is In With Inauguration Tickets

Departing Harvard Law School Dean Draws Cheers, Jeers

Former Massachusetts Gov. Patrick Blasts Trump’s Nomination of Sessions To Be AG

The Best of the Worst: 2016 Presidential Election Predictions

Full-Court Press: Disabled Jamaica Plain Man Makes Boston-Area Businesses Feel Heat

CHRISTMASTOWN: Somerville on Display

Atheists Irked By Nativity Scene Displayed Inside State House

Massachusetts Teachers Union Chief Says More Testing Threatens “Hope for Democracy”

Baker, Beacon Hill leaders, weigh potential marijuana regulations in wake of pot law’s passage

THROUGH THE YEARS: Massachusetts’ Electoral College history on display

Protesters stage last-ditch effort to dump Trump ahead of Electoral College vote

Boston-area cab companies take ride-app giant Uber to federal court

Massachusetts pastors cheer state’s decision to drop churches from transgender public accommodation list

READ: Courtroom transcript documents fight over Massachusetts recording law

Social media allegations against Trump-loving Babson duo crumble under investigation

Texas judge cancels AG Healey deposition order

LISTEN: Audio of Hampshire College president’s 911 call following Fox News interview attempt

New England Patriots’ nemesis Ted Wells returns to Massachusetts to face off against AG Healey

Shots fired in public records dispute between AG Healey and gun rights group

AG Healey’s climate change showdown with ExxonMobil enters Massachusetts courtroom

Judge hears arguments on lawsuit seeking to put businesses and unions on equal campaign finance footing

AG Healey loses appeal, must appear in Texas to answer ExxonMobil questions — or does she? (UPDATED)

Boston high school students hold walkout to protest Trump

Old Glory returns to Hampshire College

Warren no fan of Trump’s Treasury Department pick

Hampshire College president bans media from talking to students, protesters from entering campus

Texas judge blocks Obama’s overtime rule

Attorneys for gun retailers rip AG Healey’s “cavalier” treatment of federal court rules

Bolton mum on secretary of state job, no comment on Romney

AG Healey fires back at Massachusetts gun industry lawsuit

Anti-hate rally draws Beacon Hill’s top Democrats

Federal judge orders AG Healey to travel to Texas for ExxonMobil deposition

Warren ramps up attack on Trump, calls his win a “stain on the election”

New Hampshire’s Ayotte could be a boost for Trump administration

College students in Massachusetts rally in name of “sanctuary campuses”

Head of Massachusetts Teachers Association calls for statewide safe-space day

Baker on Trump’s sanctuary city threats: “We’re a global commonwealth”

Warren blasts Trump over White House transition team’s ties to special interests

City leaders fear Trump will financially penalize “sanctuary cities”

AG Healey launches harassment hotline in wake of Trump win

Former CBS anchor Rather, dismissed over false Bush report, talks journalism responsibility on CNN

Healey would “absolutely consider” altering the Electoral College

Warren: Trump’s win proves economy “top issue” among voters

Colin Kaepernick didn’t vote

Boston Public Schools set up safe spaces for students in wake of election

Hassan claims victory over Ayotte in New Hampshire Senate race — Ayotte yet to concede

DONE DIEHL: Trump’s win not a surprise

Legalized pot a ‘go’ in Massachusetts

Massachusetts voters defeat charter school initiative

Trump tells New Hampshire crowd he’s got winners in his corner: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

Does Obama support illegal aliens voting in 2016?

Boston University Trump supporter testing liberal classmates’ tolerance for free speech

Warren relents, returns $130K in donations from outed law firm

SPLC adds rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali to list of anti-Muslim extremists

Expelled Yale hoops player seeks reinstatement, claims school violated its own Title IX confidentiality rules

Boston fiscal watchdog calls on state to investigate law firm’s donations to Dems

Poll shows voters remain deadlocked on charter school question

Lawsuit seeks to prove legality of Massachusetts physician-assisted suicide

Ayotte blasts Warren’s attempts at influencing Senate race

Maine ballot initiative would make individual tax rate 2nd highest in nation

Local private school introduces new gender pronouns at pre-K level

UMass-Amherst gears up for Halloween with “costume racism evaluation and assessment meter”

Undercover video reveals Democratic operatives’ efforts to incite violence at Trump rallies

Schilling to challenge Warren, dismissed by Healey as “TrumpLite”

Ayotte condemns release of Gitmo detainee tied to 9/11

Discovery order issued to Healey in ExxonMobil probe

Pioneer report disputes claim that charters fail special needs students

Yale apologizes over historic football game programs depicting old Dartmouth Indian mascot

Lawsuit claims AG Healey, MCAD, illegally forcing churches to comply with public accommodations law

Warren: Baker needs to “stand up to Trump”

Ayotte will write-in Pence for president, Hassan labels her “Craven Kelly”

Anti-gun super PAC funneling millions to defeat New Hampshire’s Ayotte

Gun group protests Mass AG Healey’s ‘copycat’ weapons ban

Hassan pounces on Ayotte’s Trump response

Yale disputes claim it expelled hoops player to set example

Clinton talks about Sanders supporters “living in their parents basements” in hacked recording

Boston environmental law group sues Exxon over climate change

Mass. AG Healey doubles down on refusal to disclose details of gun law interpretation process

Mass. Supreme Court: Fleeing from police is no basis for suspicion, if runner is black

Third federal lawsuit filed against Wheelock College and former president

Gun rights group pulls trigger on lawsuit against Mass. AG Healey

Former Brandeis student withdraws Title IX lawsuit, claims ‘vindicated’ by judge’s ruling

Mass. AG Healey directed to revise response to ‘copycat’ weapon ban information request

Courting millennials, Clinton promises free tuition

Princeton revises ‘man-ban’ language guide

Costume appropriation: Will Yale see a repeat of last Halloween?

Jewish professors sue Wheelock College, claim discrimination

Poll results indicate most voters support charter cap, marijuana legalization

Charter school cap debate a heated, Boston-centric affair

‘Moral Monday’ protesters bring progressive demands to Beacon Hill

Orr lends assist to marijuana anti-legalization drive

ExxonMobil blasts Healey in new court filing, nets support of 11 other state AGs

Weld downplays Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe, plays up libertarian-style Republicanism

UMass officials address Harambe ‘microaggression’

Maine lawmakers miss chance to publicly censure LePage

UMass-Amherst says Harambe jokes are micro-aggressions, violate Title IX

New series of protests at Yale accompany start of academic year

University of Vermont to hold another ‘white privilege’ student retreat

Mass. AG Healey, gun manufacturers, exchange fire in court

Gun group files copycat FOIA request with Mass. AG Healey

Welcome, college freshmen: here’s a pronoun pin

ExxonMobil calls Healey’s actions ‘indefensible, partisan and unconstitutional’

Will we see a presidential spoiler in November?

Massachusetts AG refuses to disclose details of gun law interpretation process

Massachusetts gun group claims Baker knew of Healey order in advance

Iraqi refugee alleges anti-Muslim culture the norm at Boston Whole Foods

State fights challenge to recording law

Healey done with ‘tired arguments’ from pro-gun groups

Schilling addresses potential Senate run, Rhode Island business failure

Curt Schilling angling for run against Liz Warren?

New Hampshire’s Hassan struggles to answer Clinton trustworthiness question

Massachusetts gun rights group to Healey: ‘Rescind and resign’

Massachusetts full-court press vs ExxonMobil on climate change

ISIS: Creeping into Canada, Mexico?

Expert: DOJ’s Baltimore PD smackdown will lead to more violent crime

Report shows disturbing rise in anti-Semitic activity on campus

Weld: ‘I’ll tell you who’s going to win’

Clinton cheered at first press conference of 2016

Ayotte takes hits on left, right, over Trump

Cambridge pro-Palestine activist group rips Markey over Israel

In NH, Hassan opens up big lead over Ayotte in WBUR poll

Trump causing headaches for GOP leaders

Books critical of Clinton top NYT bestseller list

Presidential politics and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

Philadelphia police feel unwelcome at DNC while keeping site secure

The sights and signs of unrest outside the #DNCInPhilly (gallery)

Green Party’s Jill Stein courting ‘Bernie or Bust’ idealists

WATCH: Bernie Sanders’s call to unify behind Clinton ignored by his fans outside DNC

FBI to investigate DNC email hacking as protesters descend upon Philadelphia

The sights and signs of the Republican National Convention’s final day (photos)

Caitlyn Jenner still has faith in GOP despite traditional family value platform

Walsh to speak in Philadelphia at DNC

The sights of the 2016 Republican National Convention (photos)

Pro-ISIS cyber group releases Massachusetts ‘kill list’

Massachusetts GOP chair addresses Melania Trump speech, Baker’s RNC absence

Diehl: ‘Never Trump’ delegates acting like Beacon Hill Democrats

Cleveland: The ‘showbiz’ convention?

‘Hate groups’ to make appearances at RNC in Cleveland

New Black Panther chair backs away from 2nd Amendment comments

Cleveland’s top cop says city is prepared for open-carry visitors

Feds: No credible security threats detected in Cleveland ahead of RNC

Giuliani — and black cop — question Black Lives Matter movement

Cleveland gearing up for RNC

The he-said-she-said of Carlson vs Fox News honcho Ailes

Senate Dems block two bills intended to curb illegal immigration

Future unclear for Massachusetts Common Core opponents after court ruling

Hub homeschooling on the rise, BPS apologizes for ‘unapproved’ letter

Longtime defense attorney picks apart Michelle Carter case

UMass prof vows to bring social justice teachings to classroom

Harvard defends itself in Title IX lawsuit

Ayotte joins chorus calling for AG Lynch to recuse herself from Clinton probe

Conservative group wants Baker to take hard stance on IDs

Physician-assisted suicide bill fails to advance

Boston homeschooling parents fumed over ‘unprofessional, intimidating’ letter

Boston Latin activists rip #WeAreBLS movement

Maine college’s website offers glimpse at which ‘biases’ spark investigations

Duo that sparked Boston Latin race probe decline district internships

Top pot doc still practicing — two of top three still suspended

Ayotte lauds NOAA decision to reimburse fishermen

Bay State could be third to raise tobacco age to 21

Challengers cornering Ayotte on guns ahead of election

Moulton solidifies national reputation as assault weapon foe

Boston Latin parents protest tone of race seminar

Harvard seeks dismissal of lawsuit over sex assault case

Trump blasts Obama’s ‘politically correct’ response to Orlando

Diversity push adds federal muscle, new directives show

Warren-Clinton meet fuels VP speculation amid Trump flaying

Ex-Yale hoops star sues school over expulsion by Title IX tribunal

Ayotte presses Obama for answers on Guantanamo releases

Boston Latin parent group plots to pressure administrators

Yale students demand end to ‘hostile’ English Lit courses

Trump unrepentant, claims judge comments ‘misconstrued’

Third doc writing thousands of pot cards remains hidden

Transgender bathroom access fight triggers exit at ACLU

Warren gets in step with Clinton campaign

‘Bathroom bill’ passes Massachusetts House as foes fail

Baker scrambles political calculus on House ‘bathroom bill’

Harvard professors join chorus against club leadership ban

Pot Doc gets suspended amid probe into trooper’s death

UMass dumping fossil fuels cheers greens but may prove costly

Democrats mirror GOP in using targeted funding loophole

Plastic grocery bag ban passed by Mass. Senate

‘Bathroom bill’ foes ask House lawmakers to protect privacy

Harvard upstarts fall short in Board of Overseers vote

Boston Latin activists say racial climate hasn’t improved

Unions picketing hotels in Verizon strike prompt court move

Dartmouth students demand end to coddling, focus on learning

Weld may pass anti-Trump muster but can he win Libertarians?

Kennedy bill would bar religious exemption claims

‘Millionaire’s tax’ wins key vote on Beacon Hill

Harvard Law profs challenge federal sex-assault ‘guidance’

‘Millionaire’s tax’ vote Wednesday expected to push it forward

Outside candidates look to crash Harvard Overseers race

US threatens school aid in transgender dictate; foes stand firm

Washington Democrats press diversity theme

Warren calls for diversity in Federal Reserve leadership

‘Bathroom bill’ comes under fire over privacy, safety

Harvard women protest ‘blacklist’ targeting single-sex clubs

NC, Justice Department exchange legal fire over ‘bathroom’ law

Obama’s new OT rules could further harm businesses

Trump’s clinch throws GOP insiders into disarray

Affirmative action battle brewing at Harvard

Harvard Final Club fights back

Trump VP guessing game heats up as final votes near

Tax proposals from 2016 candidates offer stark contrasts

Trump rally sparks violent protest in Southern California

Yale dumps ‘master’ title, preserves ‘triggering’ Calhoun name

Walsh suggests City Hall changes may underlie probe report

Challenge to union campaign-finance loophole set for trial

Bay State GOP caucuses preview Cleveland nomination fight

Harvard Law student’s anti-Semitic remark sparks uproar

Glen Doherty family gets death benefit years after Benghazi

Hamilton to remain on $10 bill — for now

Harvard Law debate confronts abortion levels among blacks

Saudi threat over 9/11 bill spurs uproar on eve of Obama visit

Holder tried to stonewall, spin ‘Fast and Furious’ probe, panel says

Baker takes a pass on GOP nominating convention

Harvard Final Club chief backs off ‘all wrong’ comment

Baker jeered by ‘bathroom bill’ backers demanding a commitment

Mass AG dishes back on Common Core supporters’ lawsuit

Students sue BU, music teacher over sex harassment

Obama blocks corporate tax ‘inversions’ spawned by high rates

Ayotte sharpens attacks on Obama over Guantanamo detainees

Dartmouth sorority buckles to protests, cans Derby party

Baker booted from LGBT gala

Plastic bag ban could become Massachusetts law

How Massachusetts delegates to GOP convention get picked

Red tape’s $2 trillion cost cited in call for reform

Charters haven’t bled funds from Boston schools, study shows

Sanders backer sues Clinton, Galvin over Super Tuesday shenanigans

ACLU sues Department of Education over student debt info

Judge rips Brandeis for handling of sexual assault case

A compassionate conservative for Worcester County

Outsized ‘boat checks’ from state schools prompt call for probe

Eleven years after Kelo, Somerville eyes 279 eminent domain takings

Moulton raises a storm with Trump, Hitler comments

Cuba trip part of Mass. delegation’s long relationship with Latin American communists

Tsongas to face rematch with GOP’s Wofford for Congress seat

Lead pipes raise water-quality concerns in New Bedford

Illegal immigrants charged with kidnapping, rape in Framingham

Yale may have prevented accuser from recanting claim that got hoops star expelled

Cruz gathers support from critics and one-time foes

NH steps up probe of voter fraud prompted by videos

Ayotte picks up key endorsement from former GOP foe

Charter School expansion opponents rally at State House

Harvard sex assault committee takes aim at all-male Final Clubs

Yale braces for lawsuit from student expelled by Title IX tribunal


‘Bathroom bill’ moot, if federal officials have their way

Eviction proposal pits landlords against tenant group

Obama will take McGovern on trip to Havana

Tsongas backs draft registration for women

Group that busted ACORN takes aim at Bay State

Lexington recoils from bid to ban certain gun types

State law banning secret recording faces court challenge

Housing protections needed, low-income residents say

Charter cap, Common Core weighed by lawmakers

Hub students protest budget gap as Walsh testifies on charters

Harvard struggles to clarify sexual-conduct policies

Harvard Law bows to activist calls to drop slaveholder crest

Kelly Ayotte’s New Hampshire Trump problem

Romney blasts Trump as ‘phony’ unworthy of presidency

Mother of victimized Boston Latin girl praised school in October

Baker criticized for meddling in GOP committee races

Did Bill Clinton and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh break election laws?

Doing the superdelegate math for Democrats

GOP senator questions new Title IX policies

Friday shocker: Christie backs Trump (with reactions)

Charles River environmental group accuses EPA of negligence

Bathroom bill, abortion funding targeted by activists’ lobbying

Gas tax option for Mass. towns explored on Beacon Hill

U.S. Rep. Tsongas to face new challenge from GOP’s Wofford

Harvard and Title IX: Survey results in hand, policy debate endures

Gas tax surcharge as a local option set for review

Moulton re-election bid may turn into a free ride

Boston’s O’Connell featured in pro-Cruz robo-call

Ayotte sticks to opposing any Obama Supreme Court nominee

Rosenberg credited for candor while pressed to expel Sen. Joyce

Harvard grad claims school shirked responsibility in sexual assault case

New England brimming with potential Supreme Court appointments

Warren lights up McConnell, GOP over replacing Scalia

Gates Foundation tied to suit against Common Core ballot measure

Potential voter fraud shown in video draws NH AG probe

Scott Brown says he helped Trump win in NH

Voters make last-minute decisions heading to NH polls

Runaway porker goes hog wild at NH polling place entrance

New Hampshire’s Dixville Notch feels the ‘Bern and the Buckeye

New Hampshire voters gear up to finish first-in-nation primary

Clinton, Sanders finally get heated in debate spotlight

Baker expected to back Christie, other Mass. pols make endorsements

Amherst College slapped with sex allegations by ex-lecturer

DNC pivots, sets three more presidential debates

UMass-Lowell faces lawsuit spawned from affair gone bad

Sexual assault surveys: Coming to a Massachusetts college near you?

Common Core profiteers depicted in 4th Veritas video

Refugee issues aired by expert panel in Boston

Chinese man sentenced in Boston for role in Iran nuke plot, Iranian co-organizer goes free

Walsh steps into Boston Latin Black Lives Matter debate

Olympics may open to more transgender athletes

Boston prosecutors drop charges against Iranian national in wake of nuclear deal

Rubio, Bush, Kasich join contenders in NH GOP presidential pageant

Warren bashing Citizens United echoes Sanders more than Clinton

Granite State remains a toss up, polling data suggest

Biden name bubbles up amid speculation over Clinton, Sanders

‘Midshipman’ may die as Navy sets gender-neutral course

Flanked by Baker, charter school proponents lobby Beacon Hill lawmakers

Proposed ‘millionaire tax’ gets hearing on Beacon Hill

Trump at Brown ‘BBQ’ tears into Cruz over loans, ‘NY values’

Does GE’s move to Mass. signal a Connecticut exodus?

Mass. lawmakers take fact-finding pot-shop tour in Denver

Second Common Core video released as Mass. considers dumping the federal standards

Sen. Joyce refutes latest report amid calls for sanctions

Common Core exposé ties motive to money in undercover video

Heidi Cruz brings husband’s message to Bay State supporters

Kennedy seeks third term in Congress

DeLeo demands Globe apology for ‘plantation’ comment

In unusual move, Planned Parenthood endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Trump dumps on Hillary using Cosby, Weiner and Bill

The Crying Game: when politicians shed tears

Baker distributes $700,000 for cities to buy overdose remedy

Massachusetts Democrats line up with Obama on gun order

Trump rolls into Lowell to scold and cajole

Globe woes put newsroom in ‘crisis mode’ to deliver papers

Ten Bay State politicians to watch in 2016

As 2015 fades out, here are the Bay State’s most memorable moments

Trump, Sanders tap common themes to sway voters

Webb stirs speculation over an independent presidential bid

Cruz blasts cartoon with his kids, puts daughters off-limits

A veteran of race-based preference fight voices support for Texan

Harvard reverses course on ‘placemats for social justice’

Trump picking winners often backed Democrats with cash – until 2012

Pay hikes in UMass president’s office spur questions

Debate exposes Rubio-Cruz divide, elevates Christie profile

Benghazi truth-telling becomes focus for these survivors

Amid activism, some Harvard Law students feel silenced

Sanctuary city defenders decry bill to block state aid

Millionaire tax ballot measure may revive old reputation

Harvard Law activists push new demands to redress ‘racism’

Harvard steps may lead down a thorny path

New study supports Carson’s claim that Syrian refugees want to go home

Campus activists stir defenders of free speech

Harvard Law panel will review school emblem, dean says

Ben Carson’s star rose from rough beginnings

Canada limits male refugees from Syria, welcomes women and children

Strict Syrian refugee screening ensures safety, Moulton says

Clockmaker student’s lawyer demands $15 million

Campuses erupt as students pursue racial grievances

Patriots honor memory of local Jewish teen killed in Palestinian terror attack

Some see rifts in Mass. GOP, but others see only growing pains

LePage welfare reforms drive controversy in Maine

Tape defaces black professors’ Harvard Law portraits

‘Threats’ over satiric Clinton video stir claims right and left

Charter school backers rally to support lifting caps

Sex-ed bill to strip local control of content nears vote

Baker says no to more Syrian refugees, for now

Saturday night Democratic debate may flop

News seen at risk of following ‘dinosaur’ dailies down

Boston activist says tax the rich, no apologies to Dad

Homegrown: Meehan committed to UMass for the long haul

With Keystone and Guantanamo, Obama moves to secure his place in history

Weymouth’s O’Connor stakes out positions ahead of Senate bid

Bay State lawmakers divide over ‘sanctuary’ issue

Harvard activists push to purge Law School crest

Stolen Valor legislation wins unanimous House vote

Mass. assisted suicide bill faces uncertain path on Beacon Hill

GOP Sen. Hedlund elected Weymouth mayor, aide to run for vacated seat

Dems retain Senate seat as Brockton’s Brady beats Diehl

The Roundup: Republicans take chips off their shoulders in Boulder

Child agency faulted in handling of baby Bella case

Trump knocks CNBC hours before GOP debate it will host

Assisted suicide bill draws heartfelt testimony pro and con

Assisted-suicide measure poses threat to poor and disabled, advocates say

Bush campaign cuts pay, redeploys staff to early states

Senate Democrats vote against penalizing ‘sanctuary cities’

Carson’s book tour hiatus spurs doubts on campaign motive

Webb joins critics of Democratic presidential nominating course

The Roundup: Democrats stick to high road in first debate

Webb in debate may offer a viable alternative to Clinton, Sanders

Biden suspense builds ahead of Tuesday debate

Cruz stands apart in Senate, earning cold shoulders

Illegal immigrants push 2016 presidential race Democrats’ way, analyst says

Cruz, Santorum, Fiorina pitch plans to limit government

Toddler’s death prompts Baker to promise child-welfare agency fix

Suicide bill debate resumes in State House

Foes of assisted suicide map plans to stop resurgent bill

Boston’s 2016 IndyCar race plan raises cost, noise concerns

Boehner resignation sets off a race for power

Photos: Winchester hosts third annual Glen Doherty Memorial Road Race

Benghazi heroism commemorated by Winchester road race

Democratic VP candidate speculation focuses on Massachusetts

Fiorina takes fire for citing abortion video

Obama snubs former Vatican envoys Flynn, Glendon in party planned for Pope Francis

New Bedford’s Mitchell grinds out wins

‘Black Mass’ chillingly recreates Whitey’s mayhem

The Roundup: GOP debate No. 2

Depp’s Bulger comments punctuate Brookline’s starry night

Judge won’t allow businesses to make campaign donations while lawsuit is pending

Colleges in Massachusetts ranked among most liberal, safest

Senior state Democratic official calls DNC a “dictatorship”

Wasserman Schultz and the Democrats’ debate problem

U.S. government jobs outnumber manufacturing jobs by nearly 2:1

Boston mayor signs ordinance banning chewing tobacco at city ballfields

Iran’s supreme leader to Israel: “You will not see (the) next 25 years”

Clinton’s private email problem persists

N.Y. Fed: Correlation between spiraling tuition costs and rising federal aid

Massachusetts AG certifies charter school, abortion-related ballot petitions

Schilling suspended by ESPN following controversial tweet

Straight Outta Boston: These kids are alright

Hundreds of pro-lifers protest outside Boston Planned Parenthood

‘Sanctuary city’ status is a ball of confusion

Lawsuit seeks to put business owners and labor unions on equal campaign finance footing

LOCKED OUT: Black Lives Matter protesters unable to crash Hillary Clinton event

Zac Brown Band concert

Disclosure of fetal organ sales almost became law

The Roundup: GOP debate No. 1

Fireworks, charter schools, Common Core, and marijuana

Activists bring spirit, others bring business plans, to GOP debate site

Warren backs Obama nuclear deal but doesn’t trust Iran

Echoes of Colorado in Boston’s Olympic bid process

There goes the neighborhood: Obama’s vision for our cities and towns

Boston city councilor demands release of full Olympic bid

U2 unites a sold-out TD Garden

U.S. women’s World Cup win sparks Title IX debate

U.S. Department of Justice sides with disabled against MIT, Harvard University

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