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Ira Stoll is the author of JFK, Conservative and Samuel Adams: A Life. He is also the editor of and a columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and for the Algemeiner. He lives in Boston.

Items by Ira Stoll

McCullough’s Miracle: Recovering Heroic Story of 1776

Fifth Amendment May Be Casualty In Ukraine War

‘Varsity Blues’ Conviction Highlights Erosion of Sixth Amendment Rights

Democrats Hoping Health Care Will Help Win Georgia Contests for Senate Control

Why Trump Lost

Anti-Capitalist Camp Presses Case Even After Defeat of Sanders

Tesla in the S&P Tells A Pro-Immigrant Story

Unsatisfying Election May End With Victory in Georgia

Nevertheless, He Persisted

New Biden-Harris Equity Video ‘Sounds Just Like Karl Marx’

Secret Ballot May Thwart Democratic Campaign to Shame Trump Voters

Questions for the Presidential Candidates

Biden Is A Phony

Biden Takes Campaign to Country Club, But May Wind Up in Sand Trap

The New York Times Faults Trump for Tax Tactics Used by Sulzbergers Who Own the Paper

Joe Biden Runs Against Park Avenue, Where He Raised Money

ACLU Campaigns for Biden

Trump Risks ‘Exit Stage Left’ Headline

What If Trump Wins the Election and the Left Rejects the Result?

Please Politicize the State Department and FDA; It Beats the Alternative

Obama, Kamala Harris Share Family Ties to Ford Foundation

Blue Jays Infield Makes Case Against Inheritance Tax

Fashionable Sanders-Style Socialism Would Leave Us Helpless Against Coronavirus

Trumpism May Outlast Trump Presidency

Sluggishness of Police Reform Feeds Frustration — Would More Foot Patrol Help?

Sluggishness of Police Reform Feeds Frustration:  Would More Foot Patrol Help?

Keep An Eye On The Enemies­­­

Fear Strikes University of Chicago Faculty

The Case for Susan Rice as Biden’s Running Mate

Police Failures Have Roots In Progressive Era

Biden Echoes Trump, Aiming at Rioters, Xi, Bezos

A Trump Achievement: The Left Embraces the Tenth Amendment

Stock Market Bulls Signal More Rapid Recovery Than Press, Public-Health Panickers

Is the ‘Party’ in Houseparty App the Chinese Communists?

First Amendment Falls Victim To Pandemic

Biden Finds a Campaign Target:  Milton Friedman

Democratic-Tilting States’ Request for Bailout Is Opening for Reform

People, Not Politicians, Will Determine When To Reopen

Morbid Coronavirus Curiosity Has a Public Purpose

To Defeat the ‘Chinese Virus,’ Lean In To Freedom

Play Ball

Compassion Will Survive Pandemic

Trial Lawyers Bet Big on Biden

What the Coronavirus Means For the Presidential Campaign

For A Reagan-Style Landslide, Trump Needs New York, California

Bloomberg’s Wealth, Like John Hancock’s, Is Double-Edged Sword

The Borking of Biden

Sanders Surge Could Trigger $6 Trillion Stock Selloff

The Zero Population Growth Republicans

Will American Jews Flee to Israel?

National Economic Council Is Success Story of Trump White House

A Pro-Capitalist ‘Family Persuasion Guide’

Attack of ‘Fascism’ Used Against Trump Was Made Against Reagan

On Campaign Speech, Constitution Supports Mark Zuckerberg Over Elizabeth Warren

WeWork: Don’t Bet Against ‘Do What You Love’

Warren 2015 Offers Some Clues About Warren 2020

‘Reagan’s Racism’ Charge Collides With The Heroes of the Lomba River

Warren, Sanders Seek To Pit Voters Against Vultures, Vampires

The Daniel Ortega Democrats — Not Just Sanders

Biden Running Backwards Against Trump

How Trump Could Act To Save Obama’s Lawyer

Mayor Pete’s Call:  ‘Talk About Freedom More’

Blame Trump’s Deregulation For Boeing Crashes?

Prosperity Raises Risks Of Socialism

Buffett, Who Once Mocked Norquist, Now Cheers for Trump Tax Cut

‘Isolationist’ Label Tells Story That Makes Trump Sound Like George Washington

Warren Presidential Campaign Blames Rich For America’s Problems

Billionaires Will Be A Burning Issue in 2020 Campaign

Brady, Belichick Win Exposes Anti-Billionaire Backlash

What the Press Missed About Vanguard Founder’s Fortune

Apple’s Tactics Deserve Defending, Not Shaming

Trump Emerges As Promise-Keeper President

Office Pool 2019

Blame Nixon, McCain, Bush for Trump Campaign Finance Trouble

Democrats Emerge From Election As Party of the Rich

Hazony Takes on Hayek, Locke, Holocaust in New Book Defending Nationalism

Michael Cohen’s Guilty Plea Runs Afoul of Maimonides

Post-Pittsburgh Sympathy Just A Start For Jewish Security

To Understand Comey and Mueller, Read James Q. Wilson

‘Insider Trading’ Case Against N.Y. Congressman Shows Danger of Legislative Default

Schumer, Sanders, and Schwarzenegger Discover States’ Rights

Kavanaugh Confrontation Is Latest Twist In Yale Griswold Story

Growth Numbers Have Kudlow Looking More Like a Prophet Than a Pinocchio

Democrat Front-Runner for 2020 Wages Class-Warfare Campaign

As Presidents Depart, Center-Right Think Tanks Face New Pressures

‘Sovereign Immunity’ Is Shield of Cyberattackers

Declaration Issues Bedevil Trump As They Did George III

NYT Stock Outperforms Amazon, Facebook, Apple Amid ‘Trump Bump’

Echoes Of Reagan In Trump’s Clashes With Allies

Elizabeth Warren Discovers She Agrees With Clarence Thomas

Schumer Complaints on Gas Prices Expose Democrats’ Flaws

Pipes, Lewis Are Reminders That Academia Matters

Gaza-Jerusalem Juxtaposition Tells a Story About Limits

Legal Secretary Who Amassed $9 Million Fortune Has Something In Common With Buffett, Bezos

Trump Will Resign By Year End. Right?

Socialists Call For Abolishing Prisons

Behind the Charles River Cleanup Lies a Surprising Story

Apple Wants Washington to Fix Facebook. Beware.

How Zuckerberg Will Respond To the Print Media Shakedown

Science Magazine Tackles the ‘Fake News’ Problem

How ‘Dilbert’ Creator Scott Adams Got the Trump-North Korea Story Right

Trump, Trials Target Drug Company Shareholders in Opioid Cases

Corruption Cases Fit Pattern of Prosecutorial Overreach

Incoming Harvard President Attacked As ‘White Male’

How Harvard’s Next President Can Repair Its Reputation

Mulvaney Memo Promises Revolutionary Restoration of Rule of Law

For Next Harvard President, Bet on a Scientist

Politicians on ‘Daddy Track’ Have Feminists To Thank

Israel Offers Answer To Trump on Immigration

President Winfrey Meets ‘The Resistance’

Trump Eyes New 30 Percent Tax on Newsprint

Office Pool 2018

Is The New York Times A Foreign Agent?

Politician’s Free Coffee — 504 Pounds of It — Is Just The Start of a Real Corruption Story

Tax Bill Both Feeds Cynicism and Cures It

Reagan-Bush ’17?

Mnuchin Money Leather-Glove Photo Sure Does Tell Some Story About Smirking

Trump Touts Deregulation.  He May Be Right

What a New York Marathon Victory Says About the Estate Tax

Bonkers Brooklyn Boom On Display In Paul Manafort Indictment

Puzzled By Player Policing Protests? There’s a Good Reason

Trump’s First Year A Big Success

Trump Versus the Press Feud May Indeed Be ‘Dangerous’

Cure for Tax-and-Spend?  Try the Ellen Stern Test

Harvard President Biography Puts Today’s Headlines in Perspective

How Two Apple Orchard Photographs Tell Story of America’s Decline

Immigration Weapon Is Key To Winning Against North Korea

After Sheriff Joe, How About Martha Stewart, Michael Milken, Scooter Libby, Dinesh D’Souza?

Trump Tariff Talk Is Wake-Up Call For Congress

Today’s False Charges of Racism Echo Soviet Communists

On Health Care, Private Sector May Show Congress the Way

Credit Trump For Stock Market Gain

Trump as Carter? It Could Be Plenty Worse

Dinosaur Democrats Hurl Animal Insults At American Business

The Price of Press Bias? $37.06 a Year

Newspaper Publishers’ Plea For Special Antitrust Treatment Fails Laugh Test

Obama’s Warning Against ‘Nationalism’ Clanks Against July 4

Democrats Accuse Republicans of Mass Murder

Mueller Probe Sets The Stage For Hillary’s Return

GE Executive’s Exit Shows Limits of Corporate Clout

EpiPen Underpriced Despite Times Complaints

Mueller’s Mediocrity Makes Him Into A Star By Washington Standards

The Halberstam Book That Best Explains Trump Is By David’s Older Brother

New York Times Tax Coverage Goes Off the Rails

Welfare Reform Paved Trail For ObamaCare Repeal

Access to Obama White House Brought Companies Better Stock Performance, Study Shows

Where’s Paul Ryan From? Bleakville

Cuomo Scholarship Turns Golden Door Into Golden Handcuffs

Secret Behind McConnell Gorsuch Victory? Shrug Off Liberal Hysteria

Why Trump Isn’t All Washed Up — A Lesson from Baseball

The Cure For Trump-Related News Blues

Trump Budget Cuts: Real or ‘Reality’ Show?

What’s A Fired Prosecutor To Do?

Could Federal Probe of New York City Mayor Lead To Chuck Schumer?

A Liberal Case Against Leaks

Platinum Partners Case Is Latest Prosecutorial Overreach

Trump Faces Foreign Policy Choices on Eve of Netanyahu Visit

FBI’s Insider Trading Strategist Faces Criminal Inquiry Over Leaks to Press

How Obama Caused the Trump Refugee Debacle

The Problem With Block Grants

Donald Trump’s Worst Idea

Not All Interests Are Conflicts

Treaty Can Repair U.S.-Israel Relationship

Battle To Watch: Trump Versus the “We Bes”

Is an ad for breast implants the answer to post-election healthcare panic?

Presidential Panic

Call it the Jonathan Gruber election

“President Hillary Clinton” just may find herself missing Justice Scalia

Hillary Clinton: Sinner or saint?

Rosh Hashanah, self-examination and a presidential election year

Does this feel like peace and prosperity to you?

Trump supporters to Washington: ‘You’re fired.’

Bloomberg does Clinton no favors with endorsement

Five ways to improve economic growth

Trump v. Amazon

The Left lacks solutions to terrorism

Johnson-Weld ticket could close deal with better foreign policy answers

Free trade, taxes and the closure of a Maine paper mill

The most important woman in the history of Massachusetts?

Do our leaders have the political will to fight ISIS?

Yale should follow GE to Boston

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