Items by Joseph Tortelli

Seals and Crofts and The Legacy of ‘Unborn Child’

The Party of Lincoln

John Boehner Tees Off On Conservatives

The Return of Massachusetts Mitt

‘Devout’ Biden Tears Up Reagan-Trump Protections for Taxpayers and Unborn

Biden Divides The Catholic Bishops

Joe Biden’s Massachusetts

The Morning After

Joe Biden’s Bonehead Idea

Douglas Defeats Lincoln in Ranked-Choice Voting Count

Meghan McCain Flattens Anti-Trump John Kasich on Live TV

Can the Catholic Church Cite An Authority Above the Tax Code For How It Deals With Politics?

From Rope-A-Dope To Cellar Dweller: Biden His Time

Statues, Dog Whistles, and Anti-Catholicism

Heads Liberals Win; Tails Conservatives Lose

The Revolution Devours Its Father

Another Republican Judicial Fumble — And How To Get Justice on the Supreme Court

Markey and Kennedy — Take a Knee for Kaepernick

Death and Taxes

Confirmation Bias Infects Elizabeth Warren’s Defense of Joe Biden

What Joe Biden’s Got To Do About VP

Harvard Shakes Down Taxpaying Families

Socialism? Supersize Us!

If History Rhymes

Chancellor Merkel’s German-Harvard Axis Attacks President Trump’s America

Nancy Pelosi’s Fake Kennedy Award: Profiles in Predictability

No Republicans Need Apply

That’s All Folks! Hillary and Joe Crack Up

Among These Are Life: Uncle Joe Edits His Own Moral Reasoning

How the Reds Got the Blues

History Favors Trump

Power Politics Gets Nasty

A Mandate Against Liberty and Conscience — And The Bishops Are On the Wrong Side?

The Real Mitt Romney on ‘To Tell The Truth’

After the Revolution, the Left Always Needs A Zamboni

Proclamations for the Soul of the Nation

Courts Pit The Undocumented Against The Unborn

The Beacon Hill Compromise on Contraception — Only in Massachusetts

More Catholic Than …

When Pro-Life Promotes True Choice

Gordon Gekko’s Government

Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! Just Not Tobacco

What’s An Unborn Child Got To Do With It?

Dime-Store Obamacare

Spending money… to spend more money

Political myth-making: Another ‘Kennedy for governor’ sighting

“I know nothing”: Thwarting school choice in Massachusetts

Bah humbug! No ‘sales tax holiday’ for working families

Trump’s vice presidential sweepstakes

He fights

The Big Dig Libertarian

#NeverTrump = Always Roe

The shell game

The only tax reform we will ever need

SCT deadlock denies government workers free speech and economic liberty

Will the GOP Big Tent exclude Massachusetts conservatives?

A Bay State road map for Cruz and Rubio

On Justice Scalia and the loss of originalism

It is only a primary

Do ‘New York values’ tolerate pro-life viewpoints? 

Choice and coercion

Taking taxpayers on a runaway ride 

‘Cadillac tax’ runs over the middle class

Paid patriotism

North-South rail link: the next Big Dig?

Stop public funding of abortions 

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