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Fewer Catholic Schools?  Maybe That’s A Good Thing

When’s The Last Time You Heard A Graduation Speech Worth Listening To?

‘Pivotal’ Catholic Canceled by Catholic College

Dear Church, Teach Your Children Well

Is God Dead?  Ask the Cuomos

A Day When Character and Chastity Were Trending

Instead of De-Funding The Police … Why Don’t We Fund Parents?

Can You Believe Black Lives Matter and Not Support BLM?

Ban Homeschooling? What?

Whatever You Think of Trump, Uncle Joe Is No Option At All

Kobe Bryant’s Greatest Achievement:  Redemption

Monks Sue College They Founded To Try To Keep It Catholic

Fix Public Schools? Nah.

Protesters Went To Church All Their Lives But Had No Idea What It Was About

Today’s NEA Lesson for Children:  Abortion Good, America Bad

Name-Calling Won’t Fix Immigration; Does Anybody Even Want To?

Summertime for Kids Should Include A Book … This Book

For Catholic Church and Homosexuality, Truth Is Necessary But Not Enough

A View from the Other Notre Dame

When You Have A Child, It’s Not About You

Behind Every MAGA Hat Lurks A (False) Story

Lies, Death, and Andrew Cuomo

March for Life Puts Focus on Uncomfortable Truth, Not Where Distractors Want It To Be

French President To Prolific Mothers:
You’re Not Stupid, Just Ignorant

Being A Bishop Also Requires Being A Parent

Judas Priests and Judas Bishops

The Search for Catholics in Catholic Schools

I’m From the Government and I’m Here To Stop Your Child From Being Abused and Killed

On Bishop Rot, and Making Bad Things Worse

Sex and Values:  Politicians Still Trying To Replace Parents

Warning:  Another Catholic Headed To Supreme Court

The Wisdom of Chris Pratt … Really

A Father’s Ten Commandments

Failure To Launch, Refusal To Grow Up

Who Knew Abortion Could Be So Funny?

‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’: Not For Entertainment Purposes Only

Barbara Bush, A True Feminist

Be Honorable and Tell Your Wife When You Cheat

Despite Abuse, They Stayed in the Church

As Marriage Fades, Who Cares About the Kids?

Georgetown Finds An Exemplary Catholic — Would Mother Teresa Agree?

Is There A Middle Ground on Guns That Makes Sense?

This Lent: Pray, Fast, and Watch Movies

Father-Daughter Dance Not Inclusive, So Cancel It

Kidnapping For A Higher Purpose?

Professor’s Approach To Racism:  Call Yourself Disabled

Ignore the Christian White Guy, and Listen To These Women About Abortion

An Actor’s Speech Worth Listening To

How To Be Happy Without Living Your Dreams

When the Screen Is Blank, Kids Come Alive

Breaking News:  Moms Are Vital

Benching Santa

When Cheating On Your Wife Is The Right Thing To Do

Trying To Figure Out the Sex Scandals? Blame It On Jack and Diane

Colin Kaepernick, Citizen of the Year? What A Country!

A Good Reason To Boo A-Rod

Another Harvey Victim:  Feminist Actress Attacked for Advocating Modesty

One Reason for Fatherlessness, Family Breakdowns, Mayhem, and Social Injustice

Where Is Father Martin’s Bridge Leading To?

Kneeling During Anthem, Good; Kneeling To Pray, Bad

Social Media Scares Seminary Into Cancelling Priest’s Talk About Jesus

Catholics Need Not Apply

Time To Ditch the Helicopter, Parents

When Catholic Statues Attack

Wives, Be Submissive

How To Get Rid of Down Syndrome

Move Aside, Parents, We’re Talking Sex to the Kids

Got Problems?  Maybe Africans Need To Stop Having So Many Babies

What To Do With Your Screaming Child

No God, Me God, or Benedict’s Option

Want To Avoid Mountainous College Debt? Tuition Is (Almost) Irrelevant

The Day My Father Really Was My Dad

If the Pool Is Closed, Go To Church

The Time When My Wife Just Wasn’t Good Enough

Providence College Eats Its Own

Bill Nye:  Flickering Candle of the Enlightenment

How Many Kids Is Too Many?

Hey Fellow Teachers: Trump Not Your President? He Is. Get Over It — Warts and All

No Father, No Peace

Pence the Promise-Keeper vs. Those Who Hate Promises

The Nerve of These Christians

Help, Government! Stop Me Before I Teach My Children Again

The Flashy Movie Star Ain’t Necessarily All That, And She Just Proved It

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