Items by Laura Hollis

The state of the Democratic party…and the states

What does America really want?

Exposing the elites

Warned you then, warning you now

Draining the poison

Ten lessons for the next president

Hillary’s Catholic problem?

Hypocrisy, thy name is progressive

The left-wing press plays Dr. Trumpenstein

No western culture without the rule of law

Liberal justices embrace Second Amendment liberties!

When ‘they’ come

The key to successful immigration? Business

Good intentions mask bad government intervention

Co-opting compassion in the culture wars

Lessons from Trump’s victory

Bring back etiquette

Encourage kindness and maturity, not political correctness

Where is the inspiring statesman?

It takes a bully

Time for a sexual counter-revolution

What Hollywood could learn from ‘Downton Abbey’

Understanding Trump

On terrorism and rejecting ‘collective punishment’

Hollywood and Christmas

Asinine in academia

Willful blindness

A generation adrift; a nation in denial

Defund progressivism

Planned Parenthood traffics not only in body parts, but in fear

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