Items by Michael Bastasch

Trump: We will cancel global warming payments to the UN

Hillary struggled to explain how her energy policies wouldn’t force more coal lay offs

Liberal billionaire falsely claimed he didn’t promote global warming investigations into Exxon

Jill Stein promises to prosecute Exxon on global warming ‘lies’

Here’s the ‘secret pact’ Dem attorneys general were using to block FOIAs

Skidmore College: ‘Make America Great Again’ is a ‘racialized attack’

Grocery chain loses 3,000 products thanks to Vermont’s GMO law

Americans have to fill out 188 million hours of paperwork to comply with EPA regs

Brexit is also a repudiation of EU global warming mandates

Global warming skeptic responds to Massachusetts AG’s subpoena

Healey widens probe into climate skeptics at think tanks

Senators seek to end prosecutorial pursuit of climate skeptics

Subpoena in Exxon case may be dropped against nonprofit

Activists manipulated academic research to smear Exxon

After 10 years Al Gore’s film is still alarmingly inaccurate

Liberal billionaire bankrolls push to get N.H. AG to investigate Exxon

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