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US rabbis outraged by Israeli rabbinical court’s treatment of convert

Evangelicals gather for prayer rally in Washington

Five faith facts on Mike Pence: A ‘born-again, evangelical Catholic’

Harvard Law professor Charles Ogletree sees ‘blessing’ despite Alzheimer’s

Michele Bachmann, James Dobson join Trump evangelical advisory board

India’s Muslim women seek to ban ‘triple talaq’ divorce law

Evangelicals give Trump much-needed boost after Manhattan summit

Southern Baptist officials: discontinue display of Confederate flag

Meet Jewish America’s first ambassador to Muslims

African Methodists worry about church that brought them Christianity

Q&A: Meet first Jewish American ambassador to Muslims

Study: Congregational diversity leads to church attendance decline

Biden, Boehner receive high Catholic honor

World Vision president: Treat refugees as guests

French government battles intolerance with new public relations campaign

Andover Newton to partner with Yale, shutter Mass. campus

Report: Religious freedom deteriorating around the world

Yale names residential college after Episcopal saint

New book claims atheist Christopher Hitchens considered Christianity before his death

Faith-based groups rush to aid quake-stricken Ecuador

New study sheds light on Latino Jews in US

Majority of Scots have no religion, study finds

Pope Francis appeals for global peace on Easter

‘Miracles From Heaven’ mom talks faith, illness, Jennifer Garner

Gallery: Holy Week around the world

French woman escapes ISIS to tell about its horrors

Election campaign makes some evangelicals reject name

Finding contemporary religious high art: A Q&A with Aaron Rosen

China’s efforts to mold Christianity in its own image draw resistance

Could Sri Srinivasan be the first Hindu on the Supreme Court?

Cardinal O’Malley: clergy have responsibility to report abuse

Despite apology, professor Larycia Hawkins leaves Wheaton College

5 faith facts about Ted Cruz: It’s all about God’s work

5 faith facts about Donald Trump: a Bible-collecting Presbyterian

5 faith facts about Bernie Sanders: Unabashedly irreligious

5 faith facts about Hillary Clinton: Social Gospel Methodist to the core

5 faith facts about John Kasich: ‘God is with me wherever I happen to be’

5 faith facts about Jeb Bush: Catholicism ‘resonated with me’

5 faith facts about Carly Fiorina: ‘What you make of yourself is your gift to God’

5 faith facts about Marco Rubio: Once a Catholic, always a Catholic

5 faith facts about Chris Christie: Cradle Catholic and member of the Church of Bruce

Bernie Sanders disappoints some atheists with his ‘very strong religious’ feelings

A Paris butcher offers a lesson in interfaith ties

West Point cadets fight ISIS with Facebook

President Obama nominates Rachel Held Evans, others as faith advisers

Muslim Americans involved in terrorism ‘rose dramatically’ in 2015

Voters warm to candidates who are not religious

Vows and body piercings abound as Hindus celebrate Thaipusam in Malaysia

Iranian-American pastor expected back in the US

Video: Delve into the history of the Baha’i faith

Episcopal Church suspended from Anglican Communion

Catholics and Lutherans to worship together at Reformation anniversary

Belgian archbishop wants euthanasia opt-out for Catholic hospitals

Protesters demand Wheaton College professor reinstatement

Alabama chief justice defies Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, forbids clerks to issue licenses

Italian children await gifts from good witch, not Magi

Candy Carson: Wife of GOP candidate sees God working in campaign, marriage

Wheaton prof faces termination after ‘same God’ comment

Supreme Court Justice Scalia: Constitution says government can favor religion

Former Moral Majority leader Ed Dobson dies

Pope Francis surprises an Italian family with a Christmastime call

Franklin Graham leaves GOP over Planned Parenthood funding

American mosques trying to protect bodies and spirits from hate

Charleston church hosts cross-racial gathering to tackle racism

Priest who survived ISIS: ‘My interfaith work saved my life’

Vatican: Catholics shouldn’t attempt to convert Jews

New Jersey town: Christmas tree, yes, menorah, no

Orthodox rabbis’ statement calls Christianity part of God’s plan

No ‘Christmas’ trees in New Hampshire

8 amazing Hanukkah parties across America

Let women light Hanukkah candles at Western Wall, Israeli official says

Palestinian Authority limits Christmas celebrations in West Bank

Christian-Jewish group sends swift aid to French Jewry, pledges aliyah support

Oldest US graduate seminary in Newton to close campus

Denzel Washington preaches gratitude to church members at Pentecostal convention

‘Right-to-die’ physician ends life with lethal drugs

Judge to rule on female guards touching Muslim detainees

Pew study: More Americans reject religion, but believers firm in faith

Two arrested at Vatican for leaking confidential documents

Saudi blogger awarded EU’s human rights prize

Student: Teacher graded on belief in God

With secret prayers, Jews challenge ‘status quo’ at Jerusalem holy site

World Congress of Families full of Mormon connections

Five takeaways from Vatican synod

Controversial study on Conservative rabbis and intermarriage

African bishops play major role at contentious Vatican summit

New Jersey professor discovers earliest draft of King James Bible

Japanese ‘Schindler’ honored decades after WWII

Muslim woman can wear niqab for Canada citizenship oath

Can Indiana compromise on LGBT rights, religious liberty?

Mass. pastor faces possible fine for harsh anti-gay efforts in Uganda

Dalai Lama leaves US clinic after ‘routine’ health check

Pope Francis hails America’s freedoms, praises nation’s immigrants

Black Catholics: Pope will meet ‘vibrant, active part of the church’

Pope calls for ‘revolution of tenderness’ in Cuba

A rabbi and an imam: The story of Isaac and Ishmael can be a source of hope

Evangelical transgender conference rejects notion that gender can change

Who are the Jesuits? To understand Pope Francis, know Saint Ignatius

In choosing the name ‘Francis,’ new pope sent a clear message

Look for a ‘Francis effect’ at the voting booth, not in the pews

Pope Francis is a ray of hope for struggling Catholics (COMMENTARY)

Pope Francis: ‘Jesus was popular and look how that turned out’

British Parliament rejects controversial right-to-die bill

POPE WATCH: Mass scalpers; Stephen Colbert’s ‘Catholic Night’

Jewish beekeepers sweeten New Year, teach wisdom of the hive

‘War Room’ trounces ‘Compton’ for No. 1 at box office

American ideals draw U.S. citizens to settle in Israel’s West Bank

‘Antidisestablishmentarianism’ isn’t in the dictionary. Let’s change that!

Pope Francis to city dwellers: ‘Come down from the towers’

‘Sister Wives’ clan uses same-sex marriage ruling in polygamy case

South Africa’s Tutu expected home from hospital next week

Vatican backs plan to name Rome square for Martin Luther

When it comes to worship music, Hispanic churches look within

Pope Francis’ spontaneity makes security a challenge

India’s Muslim women seek marriage, divorce rights

Most Utah Mormons want their church out of Boy Scouts, poll shows

Former Buddhist monk creates home for 85 abandoned children

New Vatican arts app highlights museum pieces, restoration

Skyping with spirit: Chaplains use computers to support the seriously ill

Social workers want to talk religion — but they don’t

Ancient Italian city of Norcia now known for its singing monks

Black churches bucking trend of decline

Orthodox Jewish enclave faces growth, conflict

Italian priest offers $2,000 to families with three or more children

ISIS abducts dozens of Christian families in Syria

Experts: ISIS atrocities are genocide

Do polls reveal the God’s honest truth? No, but they still count

Pastors facing death sentence freed in Sudan

Chinese Christians detained after refusing to take down cross

UK witnesses surge in anti-semitic incidents

With gay ban lifted, Mormons consider alternative to boy scouts

Exhibit celebrates JP2’s relationship with the Jews

Muslim ‘female heroes’ ride inspires women

Religious liberty update: pharmacists cannot refuse to sell contraception

Quran fragments may be world’s oldest

Pope asks Americans to do good deed before his arrival

Theodore Bikel, Broadway star, dies at 91

Brits unveil plan to curb Muslim extremism

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