Items by Robert N. Driscoll

Obama Talked The Talk; But Trump May Walk The Walk

A Thanksgiving prayer


Suit up and show up

Here we go again

Diversity, race, ethnicity, and privilege

What’s missing from graduation speeches

Massachusetts, Alabama, and judges

Still against Trump

What to look for in a judge

Democrats and voting rights: Do as we say — not as we do

The case for Bush

Because of the youth, the March went on 

Do we still dream the dream?

Questions for the Republican candidates

Fontbonne and the First Amendment  

Scrooge in schools could teach many lessons

The boy who cried ‘Trump’

Memo to Gov. Baker: Quotas are the opposite of fair

What is dignity when it comes to death?

No, the Voting Rights Act is not in danger

Guns, Congress, and the will of the people

Pope Francis: encouraging happiness at a higher level

Sex on campus: obtaining consent in the hookup culture

Re-Imagining September 11

The new Puritans

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