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Universities Try Three-Year Degrees To Save Students Time, Money

States Race To Restrict Deepfake Pornography As It Becomes Easier To Create

Plagued By Teacher Shortages, Some States Turn To Fast-Track Credentialing

Marijuana Safety Rules Lacking In Many States Where It’s Legal

More States Use Taxpayer Dollars To Help People Pay For Private School

More States Establishing Tuition-Free Community College Programs, Including Massachusetts

Four-Day School Weeks, Gaining Popularity, Face Pushback From Lawmakers

With Fire Departments Struggling For Volunteers, States Respond To The Alarm

Converting Offices To Housing Is Hard; These Changes Might Make It Easier

Lawmakers In Some States See A Need For Higher Speed Limits

States Scramble To Replace Ripped-Off Food Stamps Benefits — Including Massachusetts

States, Cities Scramble to Combat Animal ‘Tranq’ in Street Drugs

Egged On By Grocery Prices, Cities Welcome Backyard Chickens

With Howitzers and Helicopters, Western States Trigger Road-Clearing Avalanches

As Fentanyl Use Spikes, Feds Urge States to Ease Methadone Rules

Governors’ TikTok Bans Make Sense, Cybersecurity Experts Say

States Take Key Role in Fighting Fake Online Reviews

Some States Open College Savings Accounts for Every Newborn

Minor League Baseball Players Vote to Unionize

State Attorneys General Unite Against Robocalls — Even Though They Agree On Little Else

Fewer People Are Moving As Interest Rates, Rents Rise

As Sports Betting Grows, States Tackle Teenage Problem Gambling

Stressed Housing Markets A Looming Problem

Environmentalists Warming Up To Nuclear Power

Right To Repair For Wheelchairs?

Child Suicides By Poisoning Rose During Pandemic, Studies Show

Pedestrian Fatalities Spike During Coronavirus Pandemic

Ransomware Attacks On Hospitals Put Patients At Risk

Romance Scams Bedevil Law Enforcement

Remote Work May Increase Women’s Workforce Participation Rate

To-Go Cocktails Making It Harder to Enforce Underage Drinking Laws

COVID Woes Prompt More States To Require Financial Literacy Classes

Deadly Bird Flu Sweeps States, Straining Farmers And Raising Prices

Small Towns Drew Most New Pandemic Residents

As Teen Mental Health Worsens, Schools Learn How To Help

Residents Left Behind As Pandemic Hurts Bus Companies

Robocalls Prompt States to Join Feds in Crackdown

Baseball Players Press Lawmakers For Minor League Labor Standards

Ukraine War Puts United States On Cyber Alert

Regulators Scrutinize Buy Now, Pay Later Plans

As Rents Soar, States Take Aim at Local Zoning Rules

In Support of Ukraine, U.S. Governors Cut Economic Ties With Russia

Even Democratic States Are Now Pushing For Tax Cuts

Think Twice Before Scanning That QR Code

Nursing Shortages Limiting Available Hospital Beds

Snowplow Driver Shortage Could Mean Slower Road Clearing

More states start funding colleges based on outcomes

Massachusetts getting rid of toll booths

Fewer receive food stamps as states change rules

Where millennials are more likely to live with mom and dad

Data, drones and apps: States debate privacy protections as technology speeds ahead

Amid opioid epidemic, more schools offer ‘sober dorms’

Enforcement of mental health care coverage lacking

Many Northeast, Midwest states face shrinking workforce

States focus on retaining, hiring older workers

College students in Mississippi get help avoiding unplanned pregnancy

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