Ted Bunker

Unlike many of my peers who got into journalism in the post-Watergate years, I had no greater purpose starting out than to make a living. By the time I began studying the craft, I had been a factory worker, a cook, a door-to-door pitchman, an office clerk and a done dozen other jobs – none of them provided much more than a way to pay bills while gaining new friends. As a newsman, I soon realized, I could feed an insatiable curiosity about the world while getting paid to do something socially useful and generally never routine. I’ve had the great good fortune to get out from behind a desk to chase stories in Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Washington, Boston and other cities. I spent many years with the Boston Herald, pursuing news as an editor and columnist before joining the Hub’s Bloomberg News bureau. Earlier, as a reporter for Investor’s Business Daily, my territory ranged from Wall Street and midtown Manhattan boardrooms to the corridors of the U.S. Capitol. But I’ve also spent years covering local news. In the 1980s, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette gave me the chance to come back from Seattle, where I helped start a weekly newspaper after finally earning a BA from the University of Washington. I remain grateful for the opportunities afforded me by those assignments as well as my current role. I’ve always thought of journalism as a way to give back to a community, and helping to create a new venue for voices less often heard and points of view often ignored strikes me as a great way to make Boston a better place, along with the region, the state and the nation. I’m here to help make that happen. Contact Ted Bunker at [email protected]

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