Tina McCormick

I arrived in Boston in 1994, in my mid-twenties, to attend Harvard University’s PhD program in history. I loved living right in Harvard Square, enjoying an exciting social and intellectual life. Friends kept warning me that “Harvard is not America.” Since then, I have seen much of the country and have come to love it as my home. What I love about Boston is the city’s unique combination of the old and the new. The city breathes history, and much here reminds me of America’s proud defense of liberty. At the same time, this is a city that is forward looking, open to the world, and rich in the type of cultural diversity that makes this country such an exciting place. And I love doing what I do at the NewBostonPost. I believe that we live at a time when people are searching for direction and meaning. Instead of cynicism and partisanship, we hope to instill a sense of community in our readers — an identification with the beautiful city they live in as well as the country they belong to.

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Boston, the Old and the New

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