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MassFiscal Says Two Environmentalist Groups Are Violating Campaign Finance Law In Massachusetts

David DeCoste Touts Bipartisanship, Work With Constituents In State Rep Re-Election Bid On South Shore

Ed Markey Says Big Tech Isn’t Doing Enough Censoring

Oklahoma Found A Way To Tax Illegal Immigrants; Should Massachusetts Follow Suit?

Some Massachusetts State Legislative Candidates Are Spending Big On Facebook Ads

Robert Kraft Gave To Pro-Biden Group, Supports Multiple Massachusetts Democrats In 2020 Election Cycle

Catholic Action League of Massachusetts Hits Cardinal Sean O’Malley For Defending Pope’s Civil Union Stance

Biden Says He Didn’t Call Trump Xenophobic For China Travel Ban — But Tweets Say Otherwise

Eight Questions Trump Should Ask Biden In Tonight’s Debate

GOP’s Jared Valanzola Taking Experience In Local Politics To Plymouth County Commissioner Race

Environmental Groups Silent, Immigration Reductionist Groups Concerned Over Potential Environmental Impacts Of Giving Drivers’ Licenses To Illegal Immigrants

Bill Keating Challengers Mike Manley and Helen Brady Hit Congressman For Supreme Court Hypocrisy

Big Tobacco, Defense Contractors, Pharmaceutical Companies Gave Richard Neal Third Quarter Funding Boost In Primary Battle

Republicans Winning Massachusetts Senate Fund-Raising Battle … In Districts Where They’re Running Candidates

Joe Kennedy III Solicits Donations For His PAC, But Won’t Say What His Future Plans Are

Once Favoring Democrats, Massachusetts Police Officers Now Donating Heavily To Republican Causes

Rayla Campbell Describes Altercation at Trump Rally That Left Her With A Fractured Tibia, Mild Concussion, and Sprained Finger

Rayla Campbell Says She Was Attacked At New Bedford Event On Monday

What’s It Take To Get An Endorsement? 10 Organizations/Unions Explain How

Kingston Pro-Life Independent Ed Mazzuchelli Running Write-In Campaign For U.S. Senate

Five Questions Mike Pence Should Ask Kamala Harris In The VP Debate

Ed Markey: Repeal Bush and Trump Tax Cuts To Give Universal Basic Income To Illegal Immigrants

Libertarian VP Candidate: Let Illegal Immigrants Have Guns

Cardinal Sean O’Malley Issues Statement Opposing ROE Act Abortion Expansion Bill

Summer Schmaling Calls For Lower Taxes, More Education Funding In Debate

Seth Moulton Says Immigration Is Good For Economy, Ignores Impact On Low-Skill Americans

GOP’s Tatyana Semyrog Hits Dem Josh Cutler Over Police Reform Bill In State Rep Race Debate

Massachusetts State Rep Says ‘There’s A Special Place In Hell’ for Mitt Romney

McGovern GOP Opponent Tracy Lovvorn Talks Second Congressional Run, Explains QAnon Stance

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Past Abortion Comments Raise Questions About Her View of Eugenics

Abortion Survivor, Baby Pegged for Abortion Headline Virtual Fund-Raiser for Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Stephen Lynch, Ayanna Pressley Won’t Go Unchallenged This November

Charlie Baker Declines To Make An Endorsement In Fourth Congressional District Race Between Democrat Jake Auchincloss and Fellow Republican Julie Hall

Westport College Senior Seeking To Become The Youngest Member Of The Massachusetts House Of Representatives

Massachusetts Republicans Pay Respect To First Responders On September 11

Rayla Campbell’s Seventh Congressional District Write-In Campaign Comes Up Short

MassGOP Says State Slow Vote Count Could Cost Two Candidates From Making Ballot This November

Channel 5 Reporter Stabbed In Boston While Working

Ranked-Choice Voting Advocates Pushing For System That Could Change Outcomes — and Might Have Prevented Two Recent Presidencies

State Has No Update On Rayla Campbell Yet, But Math Says Primary Victory Is Possible

Massachusetts’s Fourth District Just Picked A Globalist To Succeed Kennedy

Rayla Campbell Patiently Waiting To See If She Makes The November Ballot

Rayla Campbell Gets Enthusiastic Response While Handing Out Stickers on Primary Day

Former Sandwich Selectman, Retired Yarmouth Deputy Police Chief Vying To Keep Fifth Barnstable District in GOP Column This November

What Do A Millionaire Democratic Socialist and Other One-Percenters Running for Congress in Massachusetts Have In Common? Tax Returns Tell the Tale

What Happens To Joe Kennedy III or Ed Markey When One of Them Loses Tuesday?

Rayla Campbell Explains Plan To Get On November Ballot

Ballot Format Could Be Gift For Jake Auchincloss in Race for Congress, Experts Say

Illegal Immigrants Deserve More From the Government, Some Democratic Candidates for Massachusetts Fourth Congressional District Say

Coronavirus Situation Leading Some Massachusetts Parents To Homeschool This Fall

Which Fourth Congressional District Democratic Candidate Is The Most Pro-Abortion?

High School Football During Late Winter? Massachusetts Coaches Drawing Up New X’s and O’s

Fourth District Democratic Candidate Natalia Linos Explains Support For Reparations

Soviet Refugee, Conservative Republican Tatyana Semyrog Brings Political Experience To State Representative Race

Congressman Richard Neal Defends His Record As Top Corporate PAC Money Recipient In Debate With Alex Morse

GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Shiva Ayyadurai’s Has Made Alt-Right Show Appearances

Rayla Campbell Responds To Ayanna Pressley’s Call For ‘Unrest In The Streets,’ Calls Out Video Attacker at Joe Kennedy III Rally

Despite No Season, UMass Amherst Will Pay Its Football Coaches

‘I Think It’s A Candidacy-Killer’ — Political Experts Weigh In On Alex Morse’s Sex Scandal

Massachusetts Legislature Could Have More Self-Identified Socialists Next Year

Joe Kennedy III Says Decarbonization, Lessening Drug Use Key To Curbing Mass Migration

Republican Kevin O’Connor’s U.S. Senate Pitch: He’s Not A Socialist Or Conspiracy Theorist

Ed Markey’s Claim That Solitary Confinement Connected To Race, Sexuality, Disability, or Immigration Status Is False, Massachusetts Prison Officials Say

Massachusetts Mainstream TV and Newspaper Journalists Voting With Their Debit Cards — And It’s All In One Direction

Primary Opponents Rip Seth Moulton Over Failed Presidential Run

Stephen Lynch Primary Challenger Robbie Goldstein Unhappy That Lynch Isn’t More Pro-Abortion

Who Is Funding Richard Neal’s Re-Election Campaign? Big Tobacco, Defense Contractors, Alcohol Producers, Credit Card Companies

Three Massachusetts Democrats Running for Congress Endorse Hate Speech Restrictions

Caroline Colarusso Touts School Choice, Freedom In Taking On Katherine Clark for Seat in Congress

Latino Pastors Urge Massachusetts Legislators To Rethink Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill

Ed Markey and Joe Kennedy III Chose Not To Pay Voluntary Income Tax Despite Calls For Massive Spending Increases

Raytheon PAC Donation Recipient Seth Moulton Vocally Opposes Trump On Ending Afghanistan War

Rayla Campbell Disgusted By Black Lives Matter Activist’s Racially Charged Vulgar Tirade About Her Family

On Taxes, A Tiny Fraction of Massachusetts Residents Give More Than They Have To — Even Though They Can

No Signs of Life for ROE Act Abortion Expansion Bill on Beacon Hill

What Would It Take For Ed Markey To Beat Joe Kennedy III? Political Scientists Weigh In

Congressional Candidate Jake Auchincloss Supports Making ROE Act Abortion Expansion Bill Federal Law

Most Fourth Congressional District Democratic Candidates Say They Will Release Their Tax Returns

Will Health Insurance Companies Play Ball With Recognizing Multi-Partner Domestic Relationships?

Rayla Campbell Holds First Official Campaign Event In Randolph

Petition Starts Up To Prevent Lincoln Statue Removal In Boston

Ayanna Pressley Says Late-Term Abortions Are Racial Justice At Virtual ROE Act Bill Rally

Where’s Cambridge on Recognizing Threesomes? City Councilors Address Polyamory

Ayanna Pressley’s Republican Challenger Rayla Campbell Using Sticker-and-Write-In Campaign To Get On November Ballot

No Republican Challenger for Bill Keating? GOP Congressional Hopeful Helen Brady Off Ballot — At Least For Now

Elizabeth Warren Still On Joe Biden’s VP List Alongside Three Black Women; Political Scientists Explain Why

Former Coach Running For Congress As Pro-Life Independent

Pro-Spending Democrat Seeking Joe Kennedy III’s Seat Opted Not To Pay Optional Higher Taxes

Sales Tax Holiday Returning To Massachusetts — But Is It A Good Idea?

Should Massachusetts Legalize Fireworks?

Radio Silence From Massachusetts Congressional Delegation On Continued Flow Of Low-Skill Nonimmigrant Workers Into America

Want To Grow the Massachusetts Republican Party? Run For Local Office, Politicians Say

Massachusetts GOP U.S. Senate Candidates Gave To Democrats In The Past

Massachusetts Bottle, Can Deposit Fee Sees 22.3 Percent Revenue Increase Amid Coronavirus Shutdown

Five Conservative Policies That Would Help Blacks

Charlie Chase Joins United Cape Patriots At Bourne Rotary

Joe Kennedy III Accepted $2,500 From A Private Prison Corporate PAC In 2012

Saint Jerome Elementary Schoool’s Closure Draws Opposition From Former Principal

How Do Protest And Civil Unrest Affect Elizabeth Warren’s VP Odds?

Five Areas Where Pro-Abortion Politicians Don’t Believe In ‘My Body, My Choice’

Cape Cod Republican Club Disavows GOP Activist For Social Media Posts About Protests and Riots

Ball Game Manufacturers React To Being Banned At Massachusetts Beaches

63 Massachusetts Republicans Running For State House, Eight For Congress

Democrat Carol Doherty Flips Taunton State Rep Seat

Taxes Skeptic, Former Teachers Union President Square Off in Taunton State Rep Race

Is Charlie Baker’s Prolonged Coronavirus Shutdown Legal?

Massachusetts Republican Party Urges Governor Baker Not To Cave To Democrats and Instead Re-Open Economy

How To Tell the Difference Between Ed Markey and Joe Kennedy III? Political Scientists Weigh In

Baseball in Massachusetts? Some Leagues Say Yes; Others Not So Sure

Bay State Restaurants Near Rhode Island, New Hampshire Worried About Continued Shutdown

How One Church Adapted During the 10-Person Limit in Massachusetts

GOP Adviser Not Happy That Unusually High Falmouth Turnout Helped Put Cape Democrat Over the Top in State Senate Election

Massachusetts Churches Feeling Financial Hit From Coronavirus Emergency

Vice President Warren? Political Scientists Weigh In On Possibility Of A Biden-Warren Ticket

Cape Cod Conservatives Unhappy With Massachusetts’s Re-Opening Plan

Coronavirus, Left-Right Clashes Differentiate Candidates in Massachusetts Senate Special Election for Cape-and-Plymouth County Seat

Re-Open Now, Protesters Tell Governor Charlie Baker — Where He Lives

How Many Massachusetts Restaurants Will Survive State’s ‘New Normal’ Re-Opening?

Dedham Pastor Fighting Board of Health Cease-and-Desist Order Against Church Services

Dedham Church Cancels Services At Request of Landlord, Hopes To Try Again Next Weekend

Adams Square Baptist Church Holds Fourth In-Person Church Service In Three Weeks

Massachusetts Democrats Want Warren As Vice President; How Would That Affect the U.S. Senate?

Dedham Board of Health Orders Church Not To Hold Services – Even Though They’re Limited To 10

260 Clerics Tell Massachusetts Governor That Church Is Essential and It’s Time To Re-Open

Hundreds Rally Outside State House Against Massachusetts’s Coronavirus Shutdown

Worcester Pastor Holds Second Church Service, Draws Fine, Says He’ll Do It Again

With High Unemployment, Some Wonder If Nonimmigrant Visa Programs Will Be Necessary This Summer

Ayanna Pressley Has A Challenger — Meet Rayla Campbell

Middleborough Gun Store Touts Freedom, Stays Open Despite Massachusetts Governor’s Shutdown

Massachusetts Coronavirus Hospital Beds Figures Finally Public — Show Plateau

Worcester Officials Throw Down, Tell Pastor Not To Have Another Church Service

Worcester Church Holds Regular Service – Believed To Be First in Massachusetts Since Governor’s Ban

Want More Doctors? Shorten Process To Become One, Some Experts Say

Somerville, Arlington Letting Restaurants Sell Groceries

Tax Harvard?

State’s Highest Court Sides With GOP on Signature Requirements in Massachusetts Races

Massachusetts in Poor Position to Pay Out Unemployment Compensation, Research Shows

Officials Explain Logic Behind Beach Lot Bans

Bay Staters Taking Haircuts Into Their Own Hands

Boston Public Schools Students Getting No Formal Instruction During Coronavirus Emergency; Teachers Still Getting Paid

More Homeschoolers On the Way? Some Think Coronavirus Emergency May Make Converts

Five Ways To Negate Coronavirus’s Impact They’re Not Emphasizing Enough

Six Ways Government Has Eased Up During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Suspend the Lottery?  Some Say It Would Help People During Coronavirus Crisis

Local Sports Reporters Feeling Impact Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Medical Experts Commend Massachusetts For Switching Back To Single-Use Plastic Bags

Massachusetts Pushes Back State Income Tax Filing Deadline To July 15

Massachusetts Governor So Far Not Joining Most States in Pushing Back State Tax Filing Deadline Because of Coronavirus

No Corona-Extension? Massachusetts Republicans Say Signature Deadline Favors Entrenched Democrats

Outdoor Activities Largely Unimpeded By Coronavirus Pandemic — With A Catch

Democracy In Inaction: Massachusetts Special Election Candidates Weigh In On Elections Being Postponed

Cape, Islands, and Berkshires Could Go Without J-1 Visa Foreign-Worker Program This Summer

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker Taking Criticism For Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic

Golf Helping Take People’s Minds Off Coronavirus Pandemic

Bill Weld Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race

Church-Goers Saddened By Lack of Daily Masses

Bill Keating Explains His Support For H-2B Visa Program for Foreign Workers

Coaches, Players React To Cancelling of Massachusetts High School Championship Games

Gas Price Up 26 Cents A Gallon in Massachusetts? Carbon-Emissions Fuel Fee A Lot More Expensive Than Originally Thought, New Study Finds

Proposed Fuel Tax Increases for Massachusetts Not in Working Class’s Best Interests, Critics Say

With Warren Gone, Where Are Warren’s Endorsers Going?

Massachusetts Republicans Vote In 80 State Committee Members

What Went Wrong in Elizabeth Warren’s Unprecedented Massachusetts Defeat?

Dropout Candidates Show Flaw in Bay State’s Early Voting

What Happens If Elizabeth Warren Loses Massachusetts?

State Committee Races May Hold Key To Future of MassGOP

Red Light Traffic Cameras Fail In Massachusetts Senate — For Now

Why Some Gave Significant Cash To Deval Patrick’s Presidential Campaign

Bill Weld Calls Donald Trump A RINO

Ed Markey:  $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Maybe Isn’t High Enough

Elizabeth Warren’s Corporate Income Tax Would Crush Jobs and Wages, Tax Foundation Says

Why So Many Massachusetts Politicians Run for President

Warren Calls Bloomberg Racist, Says She’d Support Him In A General Election

Investigation of Spray Paint Vandalism of Plymouth Monuments Continuing

Joe-Joe-Joe Says No-No-No About Kennedy Name Enabling His U.S. Senate Run

Major Mass. Pike Project in Allston Needs Major Changes To Reduce Cost and Disruption, Pioneer Institute Says

No Path Forward for Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign for President, Political Scientists Say

Five Things To Watch in New Hampshire Primary Results Tonight

Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Bennet Breaks With Party, Supports School Choice, Charter Schools 

Political Scientists Cast Doubt on Warren After Third Place Iowa Finish

GOP Presidential Candidate Joe Walsh Mysteriously Absent From His Own Campaign Events 

Tulsi Gabbard Tries For Middle Ground on Abortion, Avoids Direct Answer

Trailing Bernie, Joe Biden Trashes Medicare-for-All in Nashua

Iowa Predictions From Political Experts

All Anti-Trump, All the Time Is Bill Weld’s Campaign Theme

Climate-Change Carbon-Emissions Fuel ‘Fee’ Would Whack Uber and Lyft Drivers

Gas Tax, Tolls, Illegal Immigration Among Priorities for Jay McMahon in Run for Massachusetts Senate

Sanctuary State Bill Opponents Say It Would Make Massachusetts Less Safe

Climate-Change Activists Like Baker’s Net-Zero Emissions Goal, But Skeptics Are Counting the Cost

Elizabeth Warren and the Truth Don’t Have the Best Relationship

Carbon-Emissions Fee on Gasoline Might Tank Regional Economy, Conservative Think Tanks Say

Support for Charlie Baker’s Carbon-Emissions Fee on Gasoline Nonexistent Among Republicans

What Sex Ed Bill Says All Massachusetts Public School Students Should Learn — Graphic Content Warning

Rent Control Supporters Dominate Beacon Hill Hearing – But Opponents Say It Would Help Few While Hurting Many

Once Rejected by Voters, Rent Control Back on the Table in Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren Opted Against Paying Massachusetts’s Optional Higher Tax Rate

Warren, Sanders Don’t Need A Good Showing in New Hampshire — They Need To Win

Elizabeth Warren Shifts On Nuclear Power — No Longer Totally Against It, Apparently

Christmas Nativity Event Still Kicking at Massachusetts State House

Buy Trump Stuff?  You Might Be Surprised How Many Massachusetts People Do

Are Liberal Sportswriters Keeping Curt Schilling Out of Baseball Hall of Fame?

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