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Actions, not emotions, are the answer

In the wake of the horrendous jihadist attacks in Paris, one would expect journalists to confront politicians with some very hard questions like: “What do you want to do now?” “How will you stop this insanity?” “Please, give us some clear and straight answers.”

But, no. I only heard journalists asking the politicians some very soft and therapeutical questions: “How do you feel?” “What is your emotional reaction to this?”

Honestly, it made me feel sick. I could not care less how sad, sorrowful and tearful Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Francois Hollande are. Europe is drowning in emotions.

Journalists carefully avoid hardcore political questions and to make leaders responsible for their lack of action. Instead they act like therapists. And politicians appear like small crying children, who need comfort from a grown-up because the big boys in school has bullied them. Or rather, they talk like blind, frightened, ignorant fools.

Their tears won’t solve the threat of terrorism and the destabilization it has created in Europe. Imagine what the world would have looked like today if Winston Churchill only had been shedding tears during World War II.

Instead, I want politicians to convince me they have a clear strategy to combat evil. I can’t stand anymore to listen to empty phrases about democracy, solidarity and ”the human face” of Europe. The soft approach — the ”Je suis Charlie” movement with torch-lit processions — has failed and is even dangerous with their non-defensive, open borders and all-loving attitude. The Islamic State regards love, dialogue and understanding as a sign of weakness and fear.

It’s time to mobilize genuine, masculine will to fight and steadfast vigor instead of sobbing like a sensitive teenage girl. Otherwise, we have already surrendered and accepted that it is the Islamic State that controls Europe.

Despite the obvious threat from the Islamic State, it’s quite unlikely that politicians and public authorities will act against it. They are stuck in this grip of emotional do-gooding. Critical voices and questions are attacked with accusations of inhumanity, lack of compassion or outright racism. Any intelligent political debate on immigration has therefore been silenced and replaced by a grandiose show of emotion.

Danish police gave up registering refugees and migrants entering at the border because the migrants refused to comply with regulations in order to push on to go to Sweden. This was a de facto abolition of constitutionally enacted statutes. The police simply surrendered to the pressure from the crowd demanding abandonment of the rule of law. Minister for Justice Soren Pind subsequently appeared on TV again all teary-eyed and emotional about the sheer goodness and altruism of the police. Reality inverted. Law enforcement commended for allowing people to break the law.

Furthermore, this abolition of the rule of law and the political agenda of open borders for mass immigration are defended on the basis of arguments drawn from Christian charity.

What is happening here? The EU politicians, who have so far advocated strict separation of politics from religion, and who have banished religious symbols from any public display, now employ Christian arguments when stating their immigration policy. Has the Europe that has been abandoning its Christian roots progressively for decades, for instance by refusing to mention Christianity in the EU Treaty, decided to return to its heritage like the Prodigal Son?

Not at all. In spite of their use – or rather abuse – of Christian concepts like “loving one’s neighbor,” politicians are devoid of the Christian basis for distinguishing good from evil. Western politicians consistently identify evil as good, and good as evil.

The fierce hatred of the Western political elite for Christianity – well disguised in fake emotions and false good-doing – has robbed Europe of its moral compass. Europe is like Judas, betraying its Christian tradition with the traitorous kiss of false compassion and tears in order to obliterate the last vestige of Christian civilization in Europe.

Iben Thranholm

Iben Thranholm

Iben Thranholm examines political and social events with focus on their religious aspects, significance and moral implications. She is one of Denmark’s most widely read columnists on such matters. Thranholm is a former editor and radio host at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), at which she created a religious news program that set a new standard for religious analysis in the newsroom. She has traveled extensively in the Middle East, Italy, the United States and Russia to carry out research and interviews and has been awarded for her investigative research into Danish media coverage of religious issues. She can be reached by email or on Facebook.