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Admit It – You’re Not Going To Actually Boycott United Airlines

America is up in arms.  A doctor …forcibly removed from a United Airlines plane … after refusing to voluntarily  give up his seat.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, chances are you are living under a rock.

Let’s sum up the last 24 hours in media coverage.

United Airlines CEO issues public statement, saying company is “investigating.”

United Airlines CEO circulates private company memo, basically saying “screw that guy – we’re good.”

Private company memo gets leaked.

O.K., let’s start with the situation. 

It’s messed up.  I’m with you, America. United overbooked and decided that customer service wasn’t nearly as important as “following policy.”  It doesn’t matter what the “fine print” says.  In the world of business, you always do what’s best for the customer.

The CEO had an opportunity to get ahead of the PR poop storm.  But instead, he hedged.  Then he chose wrong.

So basically, United sucks.  Again, I’m with you, America.

Here’s the problem.

None of you are actually going to boycott United.  You just aren’t.

As soon as you decide you and your kids want to fly to Florida for school vacation to party with Mickey, you’re going to cave like a fat kid on a diet handed a slice of cake.

Your “moral ground” is going to give way the second you realize that you can save $500 and get to your Mai Tai 14 hours earlier.

“Boycott” has become the “fake news” of buzzwords this month.

But the real buzz of America?  Convenience.  Lower prices.  Whatever is best for ME.  We live in an “it’s all about me” economy.

So I guess what I’m really saying is that I’m with you, America.  But the real problem is that 95% of you aren’t even with yourselves.

It’s time for people to define their convictions and actually stick to them.  Or not.  Maybe cheap tickets and free peanuts are worth more than our values.

Oh, and when an airline crew or police tell you to get off a plane – get off the damn plane.  Just raise hell when you do and make sure the whole world knows about it.

The free market will balance everything else out pretty nicely.

Written By:

Kyle S. Reyes is President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing. He’s also an acclaimed keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and social media. You can follow him on Facebook.