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Best Christmas Gifts of 2017 For Patriotic Men

It’s a pretty common question.  What the heck do I buy for my husband / boyfriend / buddy / male boss?  Truth be told … I don’t even know what to buy for my guys half the time.

We’ve got all of the ties that we need … and there’s only so much shave soap a dude can use.

The cool thing about running one of the most patriotic companies in America is that sometimes you get to cross paths with other patriotic companies … that make really cool stuff to buy for guys.  So today, I want to share with you my favorite man-gifts of 2017.  

All of these companies are either run by or heavily supportive of veterans or first responders.  Because THAT is how you celebrate … by paying tribute to our protectors.

This company was created by a NAVY SEAL and his wife and featured on Shark Tank.  They’re known for their bottle openers made out of bullets – the .50 cal is super sexy and you can have it customized.

But this year, these guys dropped onto the market a beer cooler made out of an ammo can.  And frag grenades that will open your beer.  And personalized pens and even BBQ tools that look like straight-up freedom.

You’ve got to see this company – the products are ridiculously cool.  Their shirts are straight up Patriotic fire.  They donate a ton of money to veteran and police causes.  And the people behind the company don’t get much better than that.

Every dad wants to be able to teach his kid to play the guitar … but most of us can’t do it ourselves.  When you get past a certain age, good luck teaching yourself.

That’s where this product is cool stuff.  It teaches you how to play the chords and helps you ween yourself off of the product as you learn them.  

It was made by a dad who had a successful real estate company that went belly up in 2008.  He went back to his roots of teaching kids to play the guitar just so he could pay his mortgage and feed his family.  He invented this for his kid.  Next thing you know … BAM.  He’s on Shark Tank and the company explodes.

Cool feel-good piece:  he’s donating a free Chord Buddy to any child of a police officer killed in the line of duty in 2017.  Why?  Because … ‘merica.

Giving guns isn’t exactly easy for Christmas.  Giving some insane lights to go on guns?  Boom.  These babies are the only lights used by the FBI and you’ll find them on most military weapons and the rifles carried by some of the biggest metro police departments.

I got to play with the new hand-held lights that are dropping.  It’s like holding the sun in the palm of your hand … without the heat.  But with all of the fire.  

They’re also in the middle of a campaign to document the stories of police officers, veterans, and patriots across the country … and that’s just awesome.

These bad boys are going throughout our offices.  They look like shelves … but they’re packing heat.  Safe.  Secure.  Awesome.

These guys are well known for their patriotic apparel.  But their beef jerky is insane.  They’ve got one that they make with red wine in it.  I’m hoping we can convince them to do one with bourbon.  

All I can say is this.  When you infuse chocolate with things like bacon, chili peppers, and bourbon, magic happens.

The kind of magic that makes you want to pick up an American flag and run through the streets.

What’s better than incredible coffee?  What about incredible coffee roasted by a NAVY SEAL that is heavily focused on giving back to the community?

Based out of Massachusetts and selling both out of their brick and mortar store AND shipping nationally, these guys make some incredible products.  

It’s none of that foo-foo “the best part of waking up” garbage.  Just solid, delicious, well-caffeinated java with a kick of America.  

Their tagline is “bad ass with a big heart.”

I first saw this product on … big surprise … the wrist of a NAVY SEAL.

We’re talking about some incredibly high-caliber watches that play a big role in supporting first responders.  Check out their “purpose driven” line with a series that includes products supporting Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, Lone Survivor Foundation, Green Beret Foundation, and Operation Enduring Warrior.

I like wearing hats.  I like wearing sunglasses.  I hate wearing them together … because you can’t keep them on straight.
These guys sell a ton of sick products … but my favorite is the hat that has notches in it for your sunglasses.  You’ve got to check them out.  Very cool stuff.

It’s like a Yeti … but better … and for even more manly men.  A double-walled stainless steel mug with military insignia, custom police logos, or whatever the heck you want on them.

They’ll hold your bourbon and keep it cold.  Or your coffee and keep it hot.  Or your bourbon-in-coffee and keep it manly.

An 8-year-old kid started this company to help bring cops and kids together.  His dad is a police officer and his mom is a teacher … and he thought it was important to show the police are the GOOD guys.

From hand sanitizer to a spray that turns toilet paper into a pleasantly scented butt wipe … from tattoo balm to a line of pet products … this little entrepreneur is a genius. And his business has blown up.

He’s got a line specifically made for cops and he donates 50% of the proceeds to C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors).  How cool is that?

This is the pay-it-forward of the day.

Two ladies started this 501(c)(3) to help those in our military be able to afford to return to their families for the holidays and emergencies.

A donation to this group will literally help reunite a soldier with his kids.  Now THAT is the perfect gift for the man who already has everything.

My company is throwing a Christmas party and for the first time ever, selling tickets.  We’re donating 100% of the ticket sales to this cause.  I hope you’ll jump in and donate as well!

Kyle S. Reyes is the Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, co-host of The Whiskey Patriots and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.