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CEO:  Watch Fox?  You’re An Idiot.  Now Give Me Your Money.

As a marketer and guy who worked in the media for years … there’s nothing more cringe-worthy than watching a company collapse in a PR nightmare of its own making.

Of course, there’s also that little part of me that enjoys it in a sick and twisted way.

The latest?  A company called “SCOTTeVEST.” 

The company’s CEO announced on LinkedIn last week (drunken post?) that if you watch Fox News, you’re a “f—— idiot” that he likes getting rich off of.   He also said you are extremely gullible and that makes you easy to sell to.

Expletive deleted in red.


In a separate Facebook post, he mentioned that businesses should focus on hiring Dreamers and start calling themselves “sanctuary companies.”


The reaction was … well, exactly what you’d imagine.  His company is getting absolutely destroyed by patriotic Americans – the same ones he has been pouring money into “duping” into buying his lousy products.

Interestingly, this is the same guy that brought his company on the show Shark Tank … and ended up getting into a fight with the sharks and then posting on his website about what a scam the show is.

The company is in full-blown damage control mode.  The thing is … they aren’t very good at it.  They apologized for his comments and said he’s “stepped down.”

But here’s the thing.  He hasn’t.  Back in December – BEFORE all of this went down – he said he was going to try stepping away from day-to-day operations.  But his LinkedIn profile and even some of their posts show him as the chief executive officer of the company still … and he’s posting about how he’ll try and be a better CEO.

Even the CEO of another Shark Tank-featured company, Bottle Breacher (a company I have a business relationship with), took Jordan’s company to task.

Whoops.  Looks like Scott Jordan desperately needs to hire a PR agency.

If you’re going to attack people … make sure it’s not the same people that you rely on to make your quarterly statements.

And putting illegal immigrants BEFORE unemployed Americans and veterans who are trying to find work?  Not the best idea in 2018, genius.

Looks like another snowflake has melted.


Kyle S. Reyes is the Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, co-host of The Whiskey Patriots and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.