The BLOG: Campaign 2016

Forget Kathy Griffin. America Is Facing A Civil War.

“This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper.”

― T.S. Eliot

Civil War.

You’ve seen it.  You’ve felt it.

The anger.  The resentment. 

Between friends.  At family gatherings.  Between neighbors.

You’ve tried to pass it off.  “It’s just me,” you think.

You blame social media. You blame the regular media. You blame the feelings and that underlying current on everything but what it is.

Civil War.

“Let’s focus on the positive,” you say.  And you try to – you really try to.  We have food.  We have shelter.  We have healthcare. 

You watch others who are perfectly capable of working sit around on their butts and not try to find jobs.  You watch them deliver babies that you paid for in your insane healthcare premiums – despite the fact that you can barely afford to take your own kids to the hospital if God forbid there’s an emergency.  You watch them live off the teat of the taxpayer … because they can.

Civil War.

“We can unify,” you say.  And you try to – you really try to.  You engage friends in conversations about political topics based on facts.  You broach conversations with data.

You watch as people unfriend you because facts don’t matter – feelings do.  You watch as people slander you because they believe everyone has the right to free speech – as long as you agree with them.

America is in the middle of it.  But only some recognize it.

Civil War.

Over the years, “experts” have talked about what hypothetical future world wars or civil wars would look like.  They accounted for advancements in military technology.  They did NOT account for advancements in social technology.

Shots have been fired – just not in the traditional way.  We have a portion of people who live in America – “Americans” by legal definition only – who no longer care about unification.  They care about winning.  They care about “resisting” – even when they have no idea what they are resisting.  They have no respect for laws or leaders … they care only about being able to declare themselves “social justice warriors.”

Civil War.

We have a movement to convict our police officers in the court of public opinion – a court where facts and evidence doesn’t matter.  We have “Americans” who celebrate the death of “pigs” – but the second they need help, they have no problem picking up the phone and calling 9-1-1.

Civil War.

We have men and women who are returning home from overseas where they fought for our country … and have lost more than we can fathom.  They carry scars deeper than any medical device could ever see.  And they return, often between caskets draped with flags of their fallen brothers and sisters, only to see people burning that same flag and declaring, “This is my First Amendment right.”

Civil War.

We have true patriots gathering in the corners of bars.  In churches.  In stores.  In offices.  In board rooms.  We speak in the faintest of whispers, lest we are overheard and attacked.  We talk about America.  OUR America.

I see it every day in this American community hidden in the recesses of Facebook.  Men and women who support our first responders.  Our veterans.  Our flag.  Our brothers and sisters who believe this country can be taken back.

There’s a movement.  There’s an energy.  There’s a swell.

The election of President Donald Trump wasn’t the moment the wave broke.  It was simply a warning.  A warning that we’re here … we’re waiting … we’re watching … and we want our damn country back – and are going to take it back.

This country is under siege – and I’m asking true Patriots to SHARE this to remind our friends, our colleagues, and our neighbors of what is at stake.


Kyle S. Reyes is President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing. He’s also an acclaimed keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and social media. You can follow him on Facebook.