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Kid Rock For Senate — What You Didn’t Know About THE KID And Why No One Should Underestimate Him

Kid Rock (also known as Robert J. Ritchie)
Nightshooter..Attribution: Photo Credit: Larry Philpot of


Kid Rock. If you’re on the older side of the Millennial bracket you remember him from back in the day as the white-trash, Budweiser-drinking, rap-rocker with an affinity for hot girls in cut-off shorts. Oh, and usually a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

In other words:  every liberal’s worst nightmares wrapped up in one human being.

Well it’s 2017, and he’s still that guy. But don’t be fooled by his trailer park persona. The Kid is smarter than everyone thinks he is. 

Here are some things you might now know about Kid Rock:


1.  His father is William Bill Ritchie, who is well known in Detroit for owning a wildly successful Ford dealership. Kid Rock grew up learning about branding and business from his millionaire father – and, you guessed it, Kid Rock did not really grow up “straight out the trailer” — but he does know how to brand the hell out of himself. 

2.  Kid Rock has an estimated net worth of $80 million. And he earned it all — not by stealing from poor countries like Haiti as the Clintons did — but through hard work and creativity.

3.  He really cares. He has donated more than $1 million to improve the city of Detroit.

4.  He was an early supporter of Donald Trump. Kid Rock is the real deal — he ain’t no bandwagon guy.

5.  He believes in free speech, and according to Rolling Stone, like many Millennials he’s basically O.K. with legal abortion and same-sex marriage.

6.  He drops the F-Bomb a lot. But isn’t everyone sick of phony politicians putting on a squeaky-clean image and not giving a bleep about the people who elected them.

7.  He’s a gun owner, a Second Amendment advocate, and an ordained minister. That’s a quirky combination that works for his base.


The best part about the possibility of someone like Kid Rock running for U.S. Senate in Michigan is that it’s a big proverbial middle finger to the elitist liberals who said Trump could never win.

Let’s raise a Budweiser can and cheers to The Cowboy Kid for teasing a run! At least for making Elizabeth Warren’s head explode. I hope he goes all the way.