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Multicultural left on the defensive

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris, NewBostonPost Editor Jennifer C. Braceras penned an opinion piece laying out the failures of multiculturalism as a policy in Western democracies. Multiculturalism is a deliberate effort to discourage immigrants from assimilating to the culture of the country to which they emigrated. Although the original intent of this policy was designed to protect the sensitivities of the immigrant population, it has resulted at best in segregated societies and at worst towns and neighborhoods that are crime-riddled terrorist breeding grounds where police are afraid to enter.

As Braceras’s column correctly noted, in many Western nations, multicultural policies have created segregated ethnic enclaves that have become incubators of radical Islam. It is a real and genuine problem – one that has been identified by European heads of state, including British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Unfortunately, there is a massive level of ignorance regarding what multiculturalism actually means here in America, and an enlightened examination of the drawbacks of multiculturalism is much needed.

This ignorance was on full display when locally, members of the institutional left attacked NBP on Twitter and Facebook for stating what is already known by Cameron and Merkel — namely, that multiculturalism has been an abject failure.

This entire exchange consisted mostly of name-calling and demands that Braceras further substantiate her views and identify a specific nation, organization, or person whose multicultural policies she objects to. This did not take place out of some desire to have an enlightened examination of the pros and cons of multiculturalism. It was designed to create headlines that shift the discussion from the failures of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy and bog the conversation down with accusations of xenophobia. It was also designed to freeze out any rational criticism of government missteps.

President Obama claims that terrorists attacked not only Paris but also our “universal values.” But, as Braceras noted, many of the world’s people do not share our notion that people have an inalienable right to live freely. If this value were universally held, ISIS would not have initiated this slaughter.

This brings us back to the fundamental question. What should be done about ethnic enclaves, allowed to flourish under state policies of multiculturalism, that for decades have flourished without adopting Western conceptions of liberty? This is a legitimate debate. One that we should thank Braceras for opening. But the internet response to her column was anything but civil.

In reality, tweets and Facebook comments may seem like a silly aspect of these debates. But the level of hysteria over the Braceras column is indicative of something larger. Her column seems to have struck a nerve. The multicultural left is now clearly on the defensive.


Jeff Semon

Jeff Semon, a former candidate for United States Congress (MA – 5), is co-host of The Lincoln Review podcast.