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Poem: Daily bread

by Joan C. Pendergast

What I love most about the Catholic Church
Is Eucharist, protected, reverenced there.
Whenever I desire to be with God,
I know He’s there in every church worldwide.

I thank the Church for assuring you and me
that Jesus’ miraculous bread is there to see.
He’s loved and made available to all,
in every Catholic church throughout the world.

I love the Catholic Church for saying Mass,
for celebrating Jesus’ gift of self.
His consolation, presence, in the bread,
are in every Catholic Church throughout the world.

I thank you priests, on this your day of chrism,
for being faithful guardians of Eucharist.
You get up early in the morn,
To feed us with our journey’s bread of song.

I thank you for repeating every day,
the words of consecration in Jesus’ way.
I need His food and words and hope and love,
In Eucharist – His body and His Blood.
The Eucharist is central to my life.
It helps me be a better wife.
When strengthened and connected with my Lord,
I have much more within me then to give.

I love the Lord, I love to visit Him.
He comforts me through struggles thick and thin.
I hope the Catholic Church will not give up,
This extravagant, loyalty to Him.

It strikes me on this very holy night,
that generous priestly loving discipline,
the extravagance of putting Jesus first,
is luxurious, right giving forth of Him.

Peter said I have no gold to give,
but I will give you what I have,
in the name of Jesus Christ get up and walk.
That’s what our priests give us throughout the Church.

Thank you Priests for giving us the Lord,
In every Catholic Church throughout the world.

Joan Pendergast

Joan Pendergast

Joan Pendergast founded and ran After Abortion Helpline, Inc., in Rhode Island, for 20 years, and helped develop and run Project Rachel and Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats for the Diocese of Providence. Joan is the author of “Markings of Mercy: The Story of After Abortion Helpline.”