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Saturday Night Live Wants To Count Your Guns?? Spare Us Your Liberalism and Stick To Comedy …


Saturday Night Live just endorsed limiting the amount of firearms you can own.

Let that sink in. Many patriotic Americans are aware that when it comes to gun control laws, “how many is too many?” is a dangerous question.

But SNL progressives think they know how to prevent tragedy. 

While sipping rosé in Brooklyn, these children of liberalism whine about gun control and call for stricter regulations — but they don’t grasp the weight of what they endorse. It’s a good thing conservative Americans recognize two things:

1.  This is not the time to play politics, this is a national tragedy. Donate, pray, or shut the hell up, SNL.

2.  Our nation was founded on the right to bear arms, and a sadistic maniac will not take that away from us.

A good way to get a pulse on liberal culture is to watch Saturday Night Live. But there’s also a disconnect in the show. The dichotomy between the sketches is jarring. One skit pokes fun at social justice warriors and ”woke” hashtags to get ratings, while the next skit embraces a far-left agenda — all depending on what issue is the trendiest.

SNL’s social justice trend-setting sank to a new low this weekend, when Colin Jost began his Weekend Update “comedy” routine with a stock photo of the Las Vegas city skyline in his corner, titled “Shooting Tragedy.”

“No,” I thought, “they’re not using the tragedy to get political again.” I mean, I had just sat through another Alec Baldwin Trump impression because my OnDemand won’t let me fast-forward. “This better be a real tribute,” I thought, “or I’m never watching this show again.”

Turns out I’m never watching SNL again. 

I was sincerely hoping at the beginning of Colin’s segment that they were going to honor the victims in a moment of silence. A moment that wouldn’t end in a punchline or a political statement.

I let Colin’s monologue unfold.

It was not a tribute. It was a criticism of our culture and our laws. It did not honor the victims or celebrate the heroes on the ground. Instead, it assaulted American values. 

Mr. Jost’s opening comments on Weekend Update, in the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy:

“The investigation into the tragedy in Las Vegas this week has sparked a larger debate in America between people who want common sense gun control and people who are wrong.

This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, the guy had 47 guns. No one should own 47 of anything.”

Well, Colin, if 47 is too many what is the number you are O.K. with the government allowing? 20? 10? Until the government limits you to 2?

How about none? 

Because that’s what you really mean.

What Colin Jost said was not only disrespectful, it was wildly un-American. It displayed his (along with the show’s producers’) lack of knowledge about how this country was founded. 

The Second Amendment is a pillow for the First Amendment. The First Amendment, as SNL fails to grasp, is the rule of law in our great nation that allows baby-faced liberal brats like Colin Jost to go on television and brazenly criticize gun laws, among other things he doesn’t understand.

I would ask SNL and Colin Jost if they had ever come across a little story about the shot heard round the world.

The shot heard round the world occurred less than 20 minutes from the home I grew up in. The shot heard round the world, part of the Battle at Lexington and Concord, happened in Concord, Massachusetts, on the day the American Revolution began.

What prompted the Brits to march to Concord that day?

If you look it up on Wikipedia, you’ll read that Patriots were “storing” their weapons in hidden locations due to warnings that the British Army was planning on disarming the Patriots, and knew the location of their weaponry. Enter Paul Revere. 

The British came hard and fast at the Patriots on the morning of April 19th, 1775, and the Patriots fought back. They didn’t do it with words, they did it with guns.

To defend oneself against tyranny, one must have access to the same grade of weapons as the enemy.

After watching the latest display of new-age, precious, out-of-touch liberalism unfold on Weekend Update last night, Saturday Night Live has lost its last conservative fan.

Over the years I clung to SNL like a suckerfish, even as a Trump supporter. If you can give it you should take it, I thought. I have a sense of humor even if I don’t agree with the show’s agenda 100% of the time. I grew up in the ‘80s. SNL memories are as close to my heart as watching Larry Bird play for the Celtics. I felt loyal to SNL.

But I’m done.

They officially turned me off with their gross loyalty to extreme liberalism. 

Colin Jost should know that it sounds cute to count people’s guns. It does. But it infringes on the foundation of this country, and it has consequences he clearly has not thought out further than his immediate emotional response to the tragedy. (Which could have been a tribute to first responders rather than an attack on the Second Amendment.)

Promoting legislation that limits the amount of firearms Americans can own ignores American history and the foundation of freedom.

SNL needs to re-read the Constitution — or else stick to comedy.

I’ll leave the writers at SNL with this:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”