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Students respond to CEO’s open letter to college crybabies

Last week, the NewBostonPost published a blog titled “An open letter to college crybabies from a CEO.” In it, marketing president and CEO Kyle S. Reyes warns prospective job-seekers that the real world will not coddle them in the ways they have seemingly grown accustomed to at college.

As the story skyrocketed in popularity — finding its way onto sites such as Total Frat Move, Right Wing News and Young Conservatives — reactions came just as rapidly. Two students opted to expand from the comment section to submit their own reactions to our site, and here they are.

Whitney Bolibol, a Gonzaga sophomore, wrote about her generation’s desire to impact the world for the betterment of the world itself.

Zachary Allgood, a sophomore at Clemson, took a different view, assuring Reyes that not all in his generation are the “college crybabies” Reyes wrote about.

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