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Task Force Seeks Input of EVERYONE To Stop School Shootings

It’s happening.  A task force to implement common-sense solutions to stop school shootings.

But there’s a catch – it’s not a Presidential Task Force.  We are doing this WITHOUT lawmakers.  Enough is enough.  Today I’m proud to announce the creation of a task force called Operation Innocence.

First – some background.  Last week, I dropped a video proposing some of these common-sense solutions … and it EXPLODED.

Within days, I had THOUSANDS of emails with ideas from Americans.

Former DOJ, FBI, CIA, Secret Service.  Retired law enforcement officers and veterans.  School faculty and administrators.  Moms and dads.  People came forward with incredible ideas … that had been ignored by “leaders” because it was “above the pay grade” of the people who proposed them.  That’s right – solutions that could have saved the lives of children were IGNORED because the people with the ideas didn’t rank high enough.

These people reached out and also expressed their support for the creation of a task force that I proposed creating with combat-veterans-turned-entrepreneurs and other leaders.

But then I got the news … Presidential Task Forces usually take years to launch.  And we don’t HAVE years to save the lives of children.

So the hell with our politicians.  We’re doing it with some of the best and brightest leaders America has to offer … and we’re launching the Task Force through Law Enforcement Today in conjunction with my agency, The Silent Partner.

Our mission is to protect our children in schools by activating the most able-bodied and able-minded individuals in America.

Why?  Our children should be more important than bureaucracy.  Congress has failed to implement meaningful security measures to protect them, and so it’s time for the American people to take that responsibility out of the hands of our politicians.

The task force we are putting together will include a cross-section of Americans, ranging from combat-veterans-turned-entrepreneurs, educators, and business owners to law enforcement, security experts, and other strategic leaders.

The main goals of the task force are as follows:

1)  To put together a comprehensive and strategic plan for school districts with meaningful processes that can be implemented immediately at little to no cost to protect students. These recommendations will NOT require any changes to the law, but will instead comprise simple and common-sense solutions.

2)  To put together a series of bipartisan recommendations for our lawmakers. You may have noticed that there are no lawmakers on the task force.  That’s for a reason.  They’ve proven that they are unable to separate politics from protection … so we will do it for them.  We will vet the recommendations of ALL Americans … from executives and law enforcement to janitors and stay-at-home parents.  Congress seems to be operating in a vacuum of thought leadership.  We will fill that void with the power of everyday Americans.

3)  To vet possible strategies and recommendations from a cost perspective and ensure that the concepts aren’t just focused on safety … they are focused on fiscal responsibility. When politicians get involved, budgets fall apart.  When entrepreneurs, business leaders, and Americans who have to balance their household budgets get involved … things get PAID FOR.

4)  To create a business consortium of companies and products focused on the security of our children. From security options to insurance companies that will offer discounts for implementing recommended precautions … from businesses that want to donate to schools to individuals who want to volunteer their time, talent, and treasure … we will find the resources and the support networks to support our recommendations.

So here’s how we’re going to do this.  We’re creating a webpage where Americans can learn more about the task force, the goals, and the progress – Protecting The Kids.

But more important, we are calling on EVERY American to submit ideas and recommendations for change. The entire committee will have access to that feedback and it will be at the core of the recommendations vetted and presented.

The task force will meet for an intensive two-day summit in Connecticut.  Those invited to be a part of the task force will donate their own time and travel at their own expenses to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest.

Brothers and sisters … we are going to do what our lawmakers have failed to do – we’re going to work together to implement common-sense solutions to stop school shootings.  It’s time for We The People to rise.  Are you with us? 

God bless America.


Kyle S. Reyes is the Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, co-host of The Whiskey Patriots and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.